Income is the Independence of Each Person

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In every society, every person tries to have a source of income in which he or she can be defined as an independent person. These are generally known to be the economic demand. The domains of struggles to make these ends meet for many individuals thus depends on several factors and aspect which predetermines the economic nature of the society. In the communities where everyone must thus work to achieve these, the conditions for these achievements thus are different from the community where the social and economic conditions are well off.

The social and cultural conditions in which a person lives also work in the determination of this. They can be some sort of hindrance or achievement for economic gain (Redmon, 2014). However, some individuals may use this fault to take advantage of other people by economically exploiting them to a point of no expectation. Most often this brings what is called slavery. The laborers with the cute quest to a make living and with the limited knowledge of what they are doing are normally culprits of these circumstances.

This paper, therefore, analyses the social, cultural, and economic aspects which are depicted in the film ‘Mardi Gras: Made in China and how these conditions worked on the two sides and the situation in the USA and China.

The film revolves around one of the products which are made in the country, China. According to this documentary, the bead which is the good of focus is majorly sold in America. According to Americans, especially people living in the New Orleans, this good is very fundamental for the Mardi Celebration and festival (Redmon, 2008).

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The value of the bead necklace can only be compared to exposing the woman’s genitalia in public. Tossing the necklace in the air, the woman is expected to show to the public her breast in the process of this celebration. In this regard, they are imported in large tones from the country China into the United States for this celebration. In addition, the demand for these products is so high especially when it is nearing time for these occasions.

The home origin of these goods is a small factory in Fuzhou, China. The good is produced by hardworking individuals with sharp brains to master the concept of action within a few days of training. They are also expected to deliver their best in terms of speed and quality of the bead produced. The company thus makes the brand according to the country’s regulation which has it that every product generated from the country must be indicated (Redmon, 2008). The best product produced for the people in New York City is produced by hard-working and dedicated individuals to produce goods for the celebrations

The labor in this company in Fuzhou is majorly provided by young boys and girls, mostly from the rural areas of the country. They are expected to train for a few days to be able to start work and as the owner of the company would put it. Most of these workers are not properly educated and hence not familiar with most of the conditions under which any work according to regulations should work (Redmon, 2008). The owner of the company, having this in mind, does not provide these conditions but makes everything unethical and unsafe for these young boys and girls.

The work conditions in this factory are not favorable. The young boys and girls are made to work tireless, spending long hours of struggle in the company, and even end up sleeping less number of hours as required. The company owner sets the target for every worker which they must work to achieve in other words, achieving these daily set standards requires early wake-up and late exit from job place and reduced period of breakfast and lunch hours. The kind of tasks, to achieve this, means also that they will have to maintain cute silence in the workplace to maximize concentration which is necessary to maximize production in a day. They do this because simply they have to do it(Redmon, 2015). The economic situation spells poverty at home. The condition of work is pathetic, but they must do it.

The laws and policies in the country, China at this time are doing nothing to ensure the safety of the workers in this factory. The owner of the factory claims that the people working here have some sort of freedom and human right, a situation which is not depicted in reality. The heavy loads were put on them and labeled red would not allow the workers to attend to even calls of nature ( Redmon, 2008). They are also paid a lower wedge which does not correspond to their daily output. This is slavery. The law is weak at ensuring safety in this arena the agencies and policies governing the labor do not value the lives of individuals who are working on this factor. The aspect of underage labor is common.  They are also exposed to styrene chemical which is known to be causing cancer (Redmon, 2015).

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