In Today’s Society Filled With Technology, Everything is Online

The ability to buy, sell, and share has never been easier. Banking accounts and information that is personal is now stored by computer programs instead of pen and paper. However, it has also never been easier for criminals to get access to these accounts and private information. Crimes that occur online are known as cybercrimes and are becoming more and more common in today’s criminal world. Cybercrimes are crimes that either are aimed to bypass a computer (hacking) or they try to gain or exploit information from other people by stealing.

Some examples of cybercrime is Identity theft, fraud, piracy, hacking, or attacks at other networks. They are against national laws and can often be punishable by the justice system. These are punishable by law because they do not only steal money and valuable information from people, they also take a sense of security that a person once had.

Hacking is often defined as trespassing into a network or computer.

A person who takes place in this activity is called a hacker. A hacker can change a system or security features to accomplish a task that un-originates from the main purpose of the system. Hacking can sometimes be legal. For instance, when cracking a cheat code to a video game, that is not illegal as long as no rights or property is being infringed upon. Also, anyone can be a hacker. It takes no special skill to know how to bypass a system because anyone has the ability to do it.

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However, it becomes illegal when someone begins to invade a business’s private accounts and private information. It only becomes illegal when you hack into an account to take private information that does not belong to you.

Depending on how serious the offense it could lead to jail time. Identity theft is one of the leading crimes in today’s world. It can also be called identity fraud It has affected up to 7% of Americans is rapidly increasing. How do we know what identity theft is? Identity theft is the stealing of personal information for one’s personal gain. Often times, someone’s wallet or or credit card information will be stolen. A thief will then take this new information and make purchases on your behalf. It is important to always manage your accounts and be aware of security on important things such as money. In order to protect online accounts, make different passwords for each account, so that it will be protected better. Also it would be wise to hire a credit card monitor or tell your bank to notify you when an unusual transaction has occurred. Stay on top of credit billing and make sure that it is not late or something seems off. It is your personal money at stake.

Stealing is a federal offense. Identity theft is a form of stealing and it can be punished severely by the United States Justice system. Piracy is also as major problem in the United States. No, it is not a an actual pirate with an eyepatch and a parrot. Piracy is the selling and distribution of storage, film, and other things that have copyright laws protecting them. The most common types of Piracy are music Piracy, software piracy, and movie Piracy. Music Piracy is copy someone’s music off the internet that they have licensed and selling it. Software Piracy is taking someone else’s work and claiming it as if you did it or if it was your own. Movie Piracy is the same as music Piracy which was copying it onto a CD or some sort and selling it to make money. If you are caught doing Piracy then you can be fined with a huge amount of money or in worse cases you can be sent to crown court and can be sentenced to ten years in imprisonment.

The reason piracy is illegal is because property and media are protected by copyright laws. This means they are the only ones who are allowed to distribute their property. Companies benefit from the money they make from their networks. Therefore the distribution of their property illegally from other people hurts their business. Piracy is punishable enough by a few years in jail and fines up to half a million dollars. Cyber attacks are a real problem especially when everything is online. A cyber attack is bypassing a network and changing the network coding on purpose. This can alter what the site can do an often cause problems. Cyber attackers often look to destroy or gain information to attack an opposing network. Attackers will upload codes or destructive malware to harm or alter the already existing network.

Attackers could login to major companies or government software and could possibly cause a global atmosphere. Major extremes of cyber attackers can be considered cyber terrorism and can be punished by life in prison. Cyber crimes have become a major problem in today’s world. People have lost the respect for the online courtesy. Therefore, its become a major push in schools to teach digital etiquette. Digital etiquette is how someone behaves and acts online. Knowing how to act online is important because as technology advances and pen and paper disappear, our world will be launched into another era of technology. Advances in technology will beyond the imagination and its only getting started. Theses cyber crimes are major offenses and can be punishable by law. The computer is a great tool to have an use when doing research. It is a necessity to young people as myself. The internet is a great place to also have communication and commerce.

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