Why Should Smoking Be Illegal?

In the sample essay below on “Why should smoking be illegal?” talk about the harm that smokers cause to others. We will also talk about diseases that tobacco smoking can provoke.

In this venue, If you have at least one relative who smokes, please raise your hand. If it doesnt bother you, you can put your hand down. It seems that plenty of you are annoyed by your relatives smoking and this definitely includes me as well. I am extremely exasperated when my nose burns every single time a family member smokes and this is why I am here to clarify the negativities of smoking and argue smoking should be illegal.

Tobacco has existed for nearly 150 years and undeniably has been supporting the world economy. In 2016, the 4 major cigarettes companies, Philip Morris, Alfred, imperial brands and Reynolds American, have spent in total 9.5 billion USD only in marketing cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. This can be translated to about $26 million each day or more than 1 million every hour according to cdc.

gov. This has also shown an increase from 8.3 billion USD during 2015.

Therefore, greatly contributing to the USAs economy as the cigarette industry itself has taken up 10 percents of the USAs total GDP in 2016, once again showing an increase from 7.9 percents from 2015. In addition, due to the increase in demand for smokers, more than 5000 farms were bought for tobacco-growing and 20 factories were built in 2015. Hence, it had significantly decreased the unemployment rate in the USA with more than 48,800 people employed.

Despite tobacco vast contribution to the world economy and has aided the development of many countries, it can not hide its toxicity and how life-concerning it is.

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Smoking is one of the main factors contributing to the 3 diseases that caused the most death in Australia: heart diseases, stroke, and lung cancer. A cigarette is composed of 3 main components: tar, nicotine, and paper.

Nicotine, a stimulant found in tobacco plants, increases the level of dopamine in the brain which is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for feelings of pleasure. However, smokers have been over-reliant on nicotine without knowing the pleasure they have been enjoying is just a tiny little side effect. When smokers inhale cigarette smoke, nicotine is accompanied by carbon monoxide and entered the bloodstream. Nicotine temporarily strains the major arteries, reduces the arteries diameter forcing your heart to unrhythmically beat faster.

This raises your blood pressure and can cause a stroke and a heart attack. At the same time, carbon monoxide binds with the blood cells, reducing the amount of oxygen in your blood. This slows down the blood circulation flow and decreases the amount of oxygen your hands and feet are receiving. As a result, some smokers might end up with movement disability or even getting their limbs amputated. In 2018, smoking accounted for 30% of 9.6 million death caused by cancers, which is roughly 2.8 million death.

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Why Should Smoking Be Illegal?
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