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In this excerpt Leif talks about where we humans stand in this Essay

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In this excerpt, Leif talks about where we humans stand in this era. He talks about how the 20th century marked an inflection point, which is the beginning of humanity’s transition from its ancient cries of ignorance to its modern cries of invention. With such invention and success of our system, it is a challenge to our world today because the bad is deeply bounded with the goods and it is hard to distinguish the two. Leif was able to identify the good and bad in our world today. It is more of like the outcome of the past in our world today, which are the goods (inventions and systems), and the output of our new inventions and systems in today’s world as well. More energy is equal to more humanity and there are problems that still rise alongside to our new cries of invention. This is an example of today’s input to humanity, because it can grow crazy afterwards. There are immense challenges or a high number of challenges such as resource scarcity, climate change, overpopulation and more that we are facing. With that being said, here are examples of the past or history that mold the world we humans are living on, in other words, the outcome of the past in our world today by Leif. Leif talked about how humanity today is much better than before, by all means, from bloody wars to less war, greatest increase in democracy and of course the most peaceful era in recorded human history. Leif went on about how better our world is now compared to the past and history, he also stated that the average life of human today is longer than it has ever been and how this has also been the most prosperous time in human history by far. This may sound like humanity is better, but there are always problems that arise from this better that we are in today. Even though the world or humanity to be exact has improved throughout the ages, yet we cannot deny the fact that our improvements are caused of our own demise. Although, science is now so powerful and is increasing so as our systems, we humans have to be aware that science and our system is endangered by our own creations, and climate change is a crisis of invention. So basically, Leif is talking about where humanity stands today, by all means, is it better? Because of our new inventions and systems or there is more beyond what we have created? Leif also suggested a trick for us humans to understand our world, which is to see it with both eyes at once. Perhaps it may help us to answer the question “Is Humanity Getting Better?”

About the author

This sample is done by Scarlett with a major in Economics at Northwestern University. All the content of this paper reflects her knowledge and her perspective on In this excerpt Leif talks about where we humans stand in this and should not be considered as the only possible point of view or way of presenting the arguments.

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