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In thirty years I think the world will be close to ending Essay

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In thirty years, I think the world will be close to ending: that no matter how advanced civilization may be, there are also a lot of flaws in our diamond. Climate change like heavy carbon emissions from the secondary sector increasing greenhouse effects; war and conflict like the US-Afghanistan war or Indo-Pakistani war; refugee crises like the Rohingya refugee crisis and immigrants at the US-Mexico border; antagonistic mindsets against disenfranchised groups such as mass shootings targeted at Muslims, Jews and other oppressed minorities.

However, if there is one thing about humanity: we never stop trying to change things for the better.

It is at the precipice, where we are at the peak of destruction, that we have the heart to change. Ever since the dawn of civilization, we implemented laws and policies; put in effort and research into new technology that could help mitigate the problems society faces.

For example, we put speed bumps and we have policemen doing random spot checks so that we could be safer on the road. This can be seen with the formation of the United Nations to prevent another war or Malaysia’s people power overthrowing the Barisan Nasional regime that had reigned for 60 years to get rid of the corruption in the country. This can be shown through other instances as well like building canals so that fragile goods like china would not break upon arrival on bad roads or using technology in the medical field to mitigate human error during surgeries.

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It should be the duty of each and every one of the younger generations to work hard in order to counter such issues and we see that happening in our world now. We behold the rise of young talented individuals taking the stand for the voiceless and the weak like Dafne Keen who spoke out during World Children’s Day at 2017, Millie Bobby Brown becoming the youngest UNICEF ambassador and Greta Thunberg who protested outside the Swedish Parliament to get them to enact legal action for global warming. They have become beacons of inspiration for other youths to stand up in order to reframe the future.

I know the one thing I may want to do: to tackle mental health issues like trauma. Mental health is now putting a strain on many unfortunate groups like stress or psychological trauma amongst young adults in western liberal democracies, where a large scale are induced into or attacked by drugs, sex and violence; soldiers who are put through emotionally difficult situations that they did not sign up for all in the name of the country.

Despite the fact that there are existent methods to counter trauma (given the chance and resources), it has been proven time and time again that it may not be effective as we still see major cases affiliated with trauma still appearing on global headlines. Recently, a Malaysian PHD student in Utah State University committed suicide over bullying through racial profiling and accusations of her being mentally unstable for researching rape and sexual pathology.

It has been reported that she reached out to therapeutic help (five professors and the counselling centre), but they completely disregarded her, leading to her eventual suicide. Not only does this prove that mental health is being misunderstood, therapeutic agencies have been proven to be volatile in their methods.

With the coming age of technology and the undergoing of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, I plan to spend my higher education years studying neurology and AI because I have a dream to implement technology into solving mental health. Just imagine a machine that could be used by all therapeutic agencies that could wipe out the trauma from that traumatic memory. The emotion will be erased from the patient, but the memory will still be there, serving as insight for the patient to foster growth too. I do not believe such feats are impossible as Facebook is now currently creating device to convert thought into text and MIT scientists have discovered a way to transfer memories from a living organism to another.

I hope that when I grow up and have the power of knowledge in my hands, the machine that I have now will come to fruition and help those who are unfortunate and are in need of therapeutic help. If this machine comes into fruition, there will be no need for substance dependency (which eventually leads to substance abuse/addiction) or high suicide rates or a high chance of mentally scarred.

The MIT mission statement is “to generate, disseminate and preserve knowledge, and to work with others to bring this knowledge to bear on the world’s great challenges”. I think this applies to everyone in the world under status quo. The younger generations are the ‘others’ and the challenges that will be facing us when we inherit the world will be the greatest humanity has ever known. But if there is one thing about humanity: we never stop trying.

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