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In the realm of fear of Isaac Rosa Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Fear

The twelve-year-old Pablo is blackmailed by his classmate Javier. Bruises on his body are evidence of beatings and kicks. From Pablo’s children gradually disappear roller skates, tennis rackets, tennis shoes, DVDs and other things Pablo creates sneaking out of the house in a backpack and after class his tormentor hands.

mother Sarah surprised, because for some time missing you money later jewelry and other valuables. They suspected the Moroccan maid and announces her without notice, although she was always reliable and protested her innocence.

Then comes the true story to light. Carlos, who has always been an anxious father will create things for his son from the world. He seeks a meeting with the school principal and turns to the police. But that can not do anything to Javier, because that is also only twelve and therefore not criminally responsible. So you have Carlos act well himself, to take the boy right times to the chest, make clear to him: This far and no further …

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The plot could now take a daily history: father and mother defending her child against attack from outside. But Carlos is paranoid delivered his fears, it increases in his imagination and self-tormenting to the extreme – and in fact would require psychiatric help. But he can not even open his wife, because then he would in their eyes to what he really is: a wimp, a wuss. He uses an applied also in psychiatry
• self-) therapeutic method: He writes all his troubles “in the realm of fear” – as opposed to the “realm of pleasure” – to

Author Isaac Rosa developed. into a kind of encyclopedia of all types and excesses of fear. It complements any type of phobia in Carlos’ monologue thoughts to a complete catalog. Inserted extracts from official sources are the psychological novel nonfiction framework:

S. 176 et seq .: advice of the Spanish Interior Ministry “for your safety: On the road … to protect minors …” etc;

S.. 201 et seq .: “self-defense”;

S. However, 282 ff .: “travel and safety of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Republic of Guatemala”, etc.

Derlei actually helpful-informative intended compilations solve again at Carlos fears, because they make it possible hazards only really aware of.

Carlos is not the only person who is frightened of humans gangs from Eastern Europe, African criminals and inscrutable alien. But he fears even before the police, law enforcement officers, which, he points out have the monopoly of power. In their daily fight against crime, they will end up even to criminals, violence call abusive to be about sadists and torturers. Carlos envisions that fears experienced such a police victim who is at the mercy of an interrogation situation hopeless: The mere sight of a harmless everyday object – a coffee spoon or tongs – which could be in the hands of torturers to torture instrument, is enough to to activate imagination to imagine unspeakable pain, on the brink of madness collapse. Carlos claimed that this kind imaginary pain was much more unbearable than actually inflicted during torture.

where Carlos in reality never happened something bad. in his own fantasy world of phobias it gets to places that should be avoided better. Just imagine what that can happen in underground car parks, subways, public toilets, in subways, especially alone and in the dark all: You could persecuted beaten, abused, strangled, lynched find raped. There are real chasms into which we started by Carlos’ wide differentiated socio-psychological makes him look intellectual world, a gigantic spectrum that can perhaps arouse readers fears within us that takes us not hitherto unknown … even in your sleep he rest; he will sweat torn from nightmares in which burglars stand next to his bed, tormenting him sadistic rape his wife.

Caught in his horror visions, but detached from reality comes Carlos So his father tasks after. He watched his son from now on constantly in order to protect him from Javier and his Motorradkumpanen. But he is only ostensibly strong, the confrontation can not really ask. With its uncertain, inconsistent threats it provokes the enemy outright. A cowardly weakling he is the ideal victim and is now being blackmailed in the further course of action systematically also by Javier – then piles up in his emotions all the more afraid of escalating consequences. He thinks he can avoid them by at most half-hearted resisting and Javier’s always dreister expectant demands are met. Ultimately, it promotes this behavior petty crime of defeated him in years and intelligence boys; in the broadest sense, makes Carlos, the victim, complicit.

Carlos can stand for any of us, maybe even for a weak society that does not sit against threats decisively enough to defend. By Carlos finds no way out of his self-created mesmerizing spiral of infinite fear losing control, he acts in the realm of fear rather than in reality, as unpredictable, life-threatening perpetrators rather than as rational problem solver.

The author Isaac Rosa, born in Seville in 1974, was awarded the most important Latin American literary prize “Premio Rómulo Gallego” of 2005.

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