The Role of Casinos in the Entertainment Industry

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In the present modern life, casinos play vital role for the mode of the entertainment and fun in the form of gambling, which is further divided into two types chanced based gambling which include slot machines, bingo, roulette, baccarat and many lottery games. And the other form is skill-based gambling which includes poker, blackjack, horse race betting. it is said that every coin has two sides, so the same is with casinos, as it has both positive and negative impact on the society as whole.

The upcoming paragraphs will discuss the positive impacts of having the casino for the community.

If talking about Kingston ,the first capital city of Canada has history, culture which has music, food, drink and art, classic architecture, museums, parks full of natural beauty, live theatre performances, UNESCO-designated Rideau Canal and Fort Henry, According to Wikipedia it is considered as the limestone city Ontario Travel’s recommendations include cruising the Thousand Islands, The Grand Theatre and Leon’s Centre.

It is considered as the perfect destination for the travelers to experience the best of Canada. Kingston is considered as the central location for the travelers between Montreal and Toronto in but the only thing it lacks is the CASINO. The Canadian people who are fond of gambling would have to travel 35km away from the city for visiting the casino nearby which is the Shorelines Casino Thousand Islands, Gananoque. Resulting into the tourist either travelling to Ottawa or Belleville for spending the time on gambling.

So, the Kingston city will have the following economical impacts:

  • Having a casino will help to attract more tourists and in addition the local people from the nearby cities like Cornwall, smith falls.

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  • casino will help to generate Tax revenue which can be used for the development of the citys economy and infrastructure and facilities.
  • For example, Brantford Mayor Chris Friel says the citys casino has brought in almost 20 million visitors and $50 million in revenue since it opened in 1999. This can be the same story for Kingston.
  • As Kingston is the central location between Montreal and Toronto, so the casino will help the tourists to expand their spending time limit as they will their tour.
  • it will bring the beautiful nightlife with environment full of energy and enthusiasm.
  • In addition, it will help in giving the boost to hotels, restaurants and bar, as people need a place to live and dine, further contributing to the citys tourism growth and recreational opportunities.
  • Moreover, it will create more employment opportunities for the local people in each sector whether it is transportation or hotel industry, as all the sectors are co-related to each other.
  • As it will help in creating more job opportunities, it will than also improve the per capita income of the individuals.
  • It can also help in the development of the other businesses like restaurants, gas stations and many more which will ultimately help in generating the more revenue.
  • And some of the social impact it will have on the society are mentioned below:
  • For many people gambling is the source of relaxation and a stress buster.
  • With the improvement in the per capita income of individuals, the living standard of the people will also be begun to improve their quality of life.
  • It will bring the multi- cultural diversity to the city with the increase in the number of tourists, giving the boost to community involvement, bringing the culture, values and lifestyle within the society.

Although, casino have lots of positive impacts for the society, but it is hard to ignore the negative side as well, as said by Ken Wong, an associate professor at Queens School of Business in Kingston, casinos can affect a communitys overall brand, Wong says. In the case of Kingston, which has a richly historic downtown as Canadas first capital, a casino may not fit in as well as it would elsewhere in the municipality,  but, by looking at the present scenario of the Kingston, which is growing at faster rate it will be a good option to develop a casino.


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