In my paper I have chose few topics to talk about These

In my paper I have chose few topics to talk about. These topics are going to be a topic that influence my daily life. In the next few sentences I’m going to talk about how each of these topics has influenced my daily life. Religion is my culture and I’m a symbol for my religion, so it affects me so much on my everyday life. Gender is who I’m because I’m a female. I can change my name, but my gender is always staying the same.

Race is my color and has more influence on my daily life than any others I have mentioned above. It describes who I’m in physically, but not in spiritually. We live in an era where world seems like community, yet we can’t get away to discriminate based on race or religion as well as gender. We need to learn a lot from the past because these issues consumed a lot of our time, yet we can’t figure how we can’t eliminate.


Race is always an issue in this world. Some countries overcome race issues while many other countries still practice race division. It’s the first things everyone talks about. Race become something that connects people daily life. For example, in my life race is the first things that defines who I’m. it’s the color of my skin like every other race, but when it comes to race there’s always a challenge. Where I grow up race was never been an issue because all the people were from same race, but when I came to United States things was different.

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Race affect every way of our daily life from the least to the most. When you are applying job, you should identity your race even if your American citizen. When you going to take documents such as driver license, you should specify your race. We live in a society when race the first thing we care and practice commonly. There are plenty of race stereo types where even when you try something, you cannot go because of your race. For instant when a white guy wants to rap, he’s going to get more negative comment from society because hip hop is only for blacks. When a black want to play hockey, he’s feeling alone because they believe blacks are not good to play hockey. In our life stereo type become something that we believe like medicine. Its easy to describe someone based on race than any other way. I believe that for you to know about what you are is very important, but I believe the way we care race is above all. When something happens the first you can describe is someone race, before his education background or even some other important thing, but race become the most important to describe any human today. We are a point where we believe that some races are more superior than other, and even smart than others. After slavery in United States, many whites and even few other races believed that blacks are sub human, and they think less than other humans. Over centuries this was a war between races and is still going on. To me that affect, but not as much as many of my friends. I grow up a place where I feel superior or human like any other human, and I never feel the difference between races until I come to United States for first time. I have met so many different people with different color, but that was just a color. A brown, light skinny, white, but I see all these as overall humans. Many of us believe that if you’re are that race you going to be that job, which is not true at some points. It’s the first that I heard racist. I never know what racist mean, because I never experienced, but here everyone very aware what discrimination is. Race divides neighborhoods, communities, business, sports and even fact in divides between one religion in America.


I believe that religion has a huge influence on my daily life. As I grow up in a place where all the people have same religion, but when I arrived at United States and my religion is one of the minorities it affects me so much. For me religion is a culture. As my religion is a one of the biggest religions in the world, but some countries, not many people practice my religion. My religion is different than the rest of the religions because whoever has must commit seriously. a lot people judge me in my religion cloths. Sometimes they don’t even look at me as simple human. For example, social media uses a different way of fear such as terrorist and that makes other people see my religion the way social media is describing. I feel all the identity that I have in my life, religion is the biggest major issue for me when it comes to world I’m living today. I have all kind of cultural aspect that shaped me the person I’m today. I’m female, immigrant, Muslim. Society I’m living with decide to describe me one of them which is my religion. That makes me ask myself these questions, why everyone sees me as Muslim before they even look at my skin color? What is about my religion that make others hate me? Even though I live in world that have all kind different religion. As Muslim women I feel that I’m different than other women in America because I face gender discrimination and religion discrimination because I’m wearing a vail in my head. In chapter ( 7) in the first few pages mention islamophobia and basically means that other people who doesn’t have my faith feel fear when they see me. Also, the book mention that, “many American have little contact with Muslims and have negative stereotypes of them, including the perception that many of them are terrorists.” For example, my first job I had in America was a customer service in retail position and I meet every day all kinds of people who has different identities. I remember a customer who discriminated me because I was wearing a scarf in my head. Even though he makes me feel mad and sad at same time, I didn’t disrespect him because at end of the day I know I could lose my job. Every religion in the world has bad people who does a harm to others because not every one of us a pure angel. In fact, my religion against anything that can Couse a harm to others. Personally, I got confused because the way many American people stereotyping my religion. Once, I ask my religion teacher why all these people have a hate toward my faith. He pointed out that people are two, one who doesn’t have any biases toward Muslim religion and the other is one who intend to harm Muslim as he thinking he’ll gain something. Then, I came to realize there are people who wants my religion in a bad shape, and they’ll do whatever it takes to happen that. I’m living a country that, the president has discriminated against my religion, the media discuss my religion in bad shape and the society have hatred toward my faith. That makes my life miserable and hopeless because the way they approach me. Because it effects my life


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