In Leslie Margolis' novel Ghosts

“‘You’re not dead, stupid’ this is from the girl who is suddenly standing next to me. She appeared out of nowhere… dressed completely in black. ‘Then what’s going on?’ I ask, my voice warbling and shaky with nerves. ‘Am I a ghost?’, ‘Not exactly’ she tells me.”. In Leslie Margolis’ novel Ghosted thirteen-year-old Ellie Charles has found herself on the floor after falling off of a ladder trying to hang up the disco ball for the dance. No one seems to hear or see her as she gets up.

She looks down seeing her lifeless body on the ground.

Before she found herself supposedly dead, the day started like any other. Ellie Charles, the girl who has everything going for her she’s the smartest, prettiest, best-dressed, and most popular kid at her school Lincoln Heights middle school. She doesn’t like anything that shows weakness such as fear which she uses to get respect from people.”I felt that rush of power, of people being afraid of me’.

When she was up high on the ladder putting up the disco ball she was fearful but hid it as to not show weakness.

If she would’ve listened to her fear she wouldn’t end up supposedly dead. The first person she met was the girl in black. She’s stubborn and isn’t too interested in Ellie’s questions. Ellie thinks “She’s making fun of me but only subtly. This girl is tough and sharp as nails and rude with a capital R”.

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She sometimes answers her questions other times she ignores her. She leads Ellie out of the gym into this unknown world of childhood memories.

In this world, Ellie feels nostalgic, which she doesn’t like since she thinks it shows weakness. When she first walks out of the school she sees her old kitchen wallpaper where she also sees her mom talking to baby Ellie making sourdough bread.” Guess what Ellie? Today, we are going to make sourdough bread from scratch”. Each week since she was one they split the dough in half and let it rise over and over up to this day.

After that, she was faced with bad childhood memories, but through these memories, Ellie is inspired to change her ways remembering where how she came to be. Some of the memories are the awful day she and her friend Marley had they’re falling out. She was also forced to relive her struggles in school and her parent’s divorce.

Through this Ellie, Charles becomes a better person. She appreciates people and promises to start treating them right.” Glancing around the gym, I feel truly happy, at peace. The room looks spectacular, not because I was in charge of the committee, but because everyone worked together to create something magical”.

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In Leslie Margolis' novel Ghosts
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