In Italy there are very few teenagers that decide to spend their

In Italy there are very few teenagers that decide to spend their free time in museums and cultural sites, though my country is amongst the most culturally rich in the world.

I heard the story of art and heritage being the “petrol” of the country since ever. Every politician reiterated the concept year by year: I think the only way to make this mantra come true is by creating services invented by teenagers for teenagers.

ArTeen Vision: To unlock the full potential of young citizens through the creation of Teenagers departments in Italian Museums, heritage sites and cultural Institutions.

Involve a teen. Change the world. Have fun.

ArTeen Mission: To promote to teens education and knowledge of life skills, critical thinking, decision-making skills and in-depth knowledge of different cultures.

ArtTeen will create a Teen Advisory Board (ATB-ArTeen Advisory Board) replicable format to be located in Italian Museums, starting from the Rome area. The ATB is an after-school internship for high school students.

Each year ATB interns advise the Museum on how to better serve teen audiences and plan projects that promote the Museum to their peers. Participants will gain school credits.

This common practice for US and UK museums is far from being a standard in Italy, ArTeen will provide Museums with a Programme developed in conjunction with experts. At no cost for Museums thanks to ArTeen’s funds.

ArTeen Advisory Board is a year-long commitment that meets once a week during the school year, it is an intensive program for teens who are interested in developing leadership skills, learning more about themselves, and making the Museum a cool place for teenagers.

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ATB is a program for teens by teens to foster more interest in museums and create a community for local teens.

Throughout the academic year, ATB’s members have the opportunity to work on a lot of activities such as creating teen-centered events, workshops and training sessions with museum professionals, and gain experience at the museum while developing creative and critical thinking skills.

Teens will:

• Have fun while learning skills and concepts that they’ll be able to transfer to other experiences

• Develop confidence in themselves

• Enhance their social skills through activities that foster cooperation, understanding, and appreciating others

• Learn to serve as mentors

ArTeen project strengths lies in its ability to respond to a multiplicity of needs:

Addressing A Teen Need: Preparing For College and Developing Workplace Competencies

Recognizing that far too many young people enter their junior or senior years of high school without any notion of what is required for college admission, ArTeen Advisory Board will incorporate elements that support academic performance, college preparation and career awareness, for all high school age participants. Admissions officers from local colleges will serve as partners for ArTeen Advisory Board activities.

Addressing A Museum Need: Diversity

ArTeen program will provide an opportunity for young people to share their unique world views. In this safe, supportive environment, teens who may differ in socioeconomic status, age, cultural diversity, religion, physical ability will be able to educate each other and their adult mentors.

Addressing A Community Need: Building Citizenship Consciousness

ArTeen program will provide an environment where cultural skills and soft skills are practised and implemented by teen, the museum becoming a safe, familiar environment where teens can develop meaningful relationships with peers and adults. They will shape their personal and citizenship identity.

I will use the start-up budget (approx ˆ50/75k) budget to develop a year-round youth program for 20 teens aged 15-17. The program has two components: a six-week summer training experience in one of Rome’s museums, followed by a 35-week program in the museum for summer trainees.

Experts. Since ArTeen goals, desired outcomes, and program design must consider both youth and museum needs part of the funds will be devoted to hire experts to assist and work in the planning and shaping of ATB (i.e. preparing the museu, recruiting and application process, program’s space needs, etc). These individuals will be highly regarded experts in program development, youth training, informal education, community-based organizations and hands-on art education. These advisors will become members of ArTeen formal advisory committee.

Youth Focus Groups. Another important part will be the organisation of teens focus groups to involve them at the early stage of the planning to get feedback on program possibilities.

Marketing: Presenting and marketing ArTeen to Museum and schools

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