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Importance of Writing Essay

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Importance of Writing

Muhammad Ahmed

BEE — 7B

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Writing is the frame work of our

communication . It is the physical

manifestation of a spoken language . We

are encountered with writing everyday in

our life whether it’s our restaurant menu,

our office memo, advertisement posters

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or a letter . Words can take a bounty of

forms within the writing . If we talk about

how writing was developed it is still yet

unconfirmed but many ancient

civilizations like Egyptians, Romans,

Greeks and Mayan civilization, they all

had their own ways of writing which are

now found from their remains .

Fig(1): Example of Ancient Egyptian



“ You can always edit a bad page but you can’t edit a blank



We do writing everyday for many reasons . Most of jobs requires writing

as compulsory part of it . By writing we can deliver our idea properly and

more easily . Following are the few reasons why writing is important in

our lives :

? For a good career development

? To communicate with others

For Good Career Development

? Good writing skills not only ease communication in the workplace

but also positively affect careers .

? If you have ever struggled to write a cover letter, resume, or anything

related to your career then you should know the importance of good

writing .

? When it comes to searching for jobs writing skills are crucial to

making a good first impression . You only have a limited amount of

space in your cover letter to impress potential employers, and good

writing can maximize your chances of getting to the next stage .

For Good Career Development

? Whether you are working in or looking to break into the Information

Technology industry, possessing excellent writing skills is important .

? Every career path requires its workers to write notes, memos, emails,

and reports, all of which require good writing skills to effectively

communicate a certain set of ideas .

To Communicate with Others

? Written communication is just one

form of communication . One may look

more deeply and understand how each

can be accomplished, in part, through

effective writing whether in emails,

letters, social media posts, memos,

newsletter, etc .

? It is not possible to think of a business

organization without written

communication . The working of any

organization depends to a large extent

on the exchange of letters, reports, etc . Fig(2): Process of Communication

To Communicate with Others

? Face -to -face communication is not always possible because the workers of

an organization may be spread over widely spread geographical distances

therefore we have to depend on exchange of letters .

? Modern technological distances have not decreased the importance of

letters . Modes of transmission have changed . But written communication

remains as important as ever due to its many advantages :

1. It provides us records, references etc . on which important decisions rest .

2. It builds up the legal defenses of the organization through records, letters,

instructions etc .

3. It promotes uniformity of policy and procedure and builds up proper

guidelines for the working of the organization .


? Writing is the painting of the voice. It’s what makes us to be heard

even without speaking. It’s a powerful tool if wielded properly.

? Writing is a good way to keep a records. Writing things down can

foster a sense of achievement and progress, expanding our

possibilities and increasing our productivity.

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth

writing about.”

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