Implications of the Future

Both our community and planet are currently facing a plethora of complications that will exhaust all of Earth’s resources if humanity tries to solve them. Huge amounts of time most be devotes into solving each problem differently. Nanotechnology has many promising advantages that will enable local and worldwide problems to be solved. It also has the possibility of improving the overall well being and planet. Nanotechnology has many promising benefits that can be accomplished in the near future. These benefits can be applied to the medical field and salina´s agriculture.

This paper was written to show the benefits of investing into nanorobotics and how it will cause local and worldwide change. Nanorobotics is a branch based of on nanotechnology where nano scaled machines are given a specific job, much like cells, and join together to accomplish these goals given to them. They have endless possibilities and can help change lives and Earth.

Our planet is full of many complications that pose a danger to not only humans, but every living organism in this planet.

¨The overall population is projected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050¨ (UN, 2013) , while we are still faced with problems such as famine, deforestation, rising sea levels, low levels of freshwater, overfishing, disease, war, and an expansion of acidic oceans. All of these problems require a huge amount of resources to solve and vast amounts of time. Humanity currently faces all these problems with no solutions and has minimal time to solve them before they evolve. These problems require a different solution, but there is a new growing field known as Nanorobotics.

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Nanorobotics includes the design and construction of nanoscale robotics that can serve multiple functions. These tiny robots have many promising solutions to these problems and can be used to improve our environment, oceans, atmosphere, and our very own human body.

Salinas is located in California and has an enormous agriculture sector. Although agriculture is a huge part of this community, a lot of growers are not able to have access to these fresh products. Local Kion news channel reported that “It’s a complex, systematic issue because Salinas is known as the Salad Bowl of the World, yet the growers of those nutritional food sources can’t access them, according to the health department.”(Mahoney, 2016) This is an astonishing fact, since this communities economy is making based upon agriculture. While this community faces challenges over affordable food, the rest of the world is facing a shortage in food supply. The world’s population “is approximately 793 million people are starving around the world, according to the U.N.” Famine and Malnutrition is not only affecting our community but on average affects millions of people every second. Nanorobotic technology has agricultural benefits that will help boost agricultural production and will have “benefits such as enhancement of food quality and safety, reduction of agricultural inputs, enrichment of absorbing nanoscale nutrients from the soil, etc.” (Prasad, 2017) Implementing nanorobotics into our agriculture will boost agricultural output and the overproduction of fresh goods that will lead to a decline in prices, which will make fresh vegetables and fruits affordable and accessible to this community. This will also heavily increase agricultural profits due to an increase of exportation that will help fuel new jobs in society and lead to economic progression. Nanorobotics does not only have the potential to save this community from famine or malnutrition, but it has endless possibilities in the field of medicine. In a collaborative scientific journal, author Bhat wrote “NANOBOTS: THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE. International Journal of Engineering and Management Sciences” in which it discusses the advantages of investing into nanorobotics for the medical field. This journal discussed the applications of nanobots into the medical industry and about its progression with this new technology. The medical field would vastly change if rather than humans going to the doctor to get diagnosed, one would be diagnosed, and treated. Nanobots would drastically improve diagnostics and treatment of abnormalities. Internal Nanomites would monitor and would quickly respond to any sudden changes within.

This would lead to us becoming a Robotically Enhanced Organism that can survive for longer periods of time and potentially live free from disease. This further push the boundaries of medicine by making humanity leap very close to immortality and will allow us to live in harmony free from any disease. Living free without disease is not only supported by one source, but by multiple sources. Diseases may one day become a thing of the past as discussed by David Gelle’s in ‘Immortality 2.0” Gelle’s research helps discuss many important key points. He talks about reengineering our neural cerebrum and brain. This is due to the fact that we face many flaws such as violence, which can be monitored by a neural chip that would promote growth rather than violence. Gelle also establishes the idea that humanity will one day reach the point of singularity, or the time in which machines and humans will become one. He also talks about us possessing the ability to store our neural data and be able to upload it into a supercomputer once we pass away. This would potentially open the doors to immortality, in which we would leave our physical body and enter a new one somewhere in the cloud.

Nanorobotics is an astonishing technological advancement that I believe we should heavily invest in order to help secure and protect our very own existence as a species. Our planets overall effectivity is currently declining at an exponential rate. We as a species have caused the extinction of millions of plants and wildlife that will never walk this Earth again. Global Warming is an unavoidable threat that we continue to snooze as if it were really not there. We act and hope for the best for this situations, but nothing ever changes. Nanorobotics is the perfect solution that will be as exciting as the first splitting of the atom. Nanotechnology will promote social, economic, and physical change. Nanomites will dominate our society and will cause evolution to occur much faster. Humanity will hold the key to ultimate progression without any limitations. I believe this new technology will enable us to not only cure our planet, but to help us venture into the abyss of the universe. We will be able to explore the greatest depths of the universe that our species has always looked up and wondered what has lied beyond. Based on everything I have read, I believe advancing nanotechnology will help us create the future we all dream of. We could help those in need, which as those living in third world countries. Our agricultural output will see an increasing that will need an end to famine across the globe. We will be able to implement clean water into communities that currently cannot access any fresh water. Third world countries will have the opportunity to live like we do in the us, which will lead to an astonishing growth in knowledge, which will ultimately change humanity.

The technology of Nanorobotics is capable of solving most of our present day problems, but its possibilities are endless. Nanomites will vastly benefit the medical field, by not only helping cure current viruses and diseases, but by possibly eradicating them. This would help solve the 2nd leading cause of death worldwide, Cancer. It ¨is responsible for an estimated 9.6 million deaths in 2018. Globally, about 1 in 6 deaths is due to cancer.¨ Statistics also show that cancer is projected to grow in the future. ¨By 2030, the global burden is expected to grow to 21.7 million new cancer cases and 13 million cancer deaths simply due to the growth and aging of the population.¨ In California alone, there have been ¨60,650¨ deaths and ¨178,135¨ new cases in 2018. So what is cancer? ¨Cancer is a name given to a collection of related diseases¨ in which ¨ body’s cells begin to divide without stopping and spread into surrounding tissues.¨ Cancerous cells lead to cancerous tumors that can become malignant and kill trillions of healthy cells. As of 2018, there is no effective cure for cancer, but with these new nanomites, we will be able to save millions of annual death and possibly eradicate it. “Drug delivery for cancer today is difficult to control. Chemotherapy harms healthy tissue in addition to cancerous tissue. We cannot prevent adverse effects of chemotherapy on other parts of our body”. Nanomites have promising benefits that can help solve these problems. Nanobots will help doctors “Nanobots could be used to deliver drugs specifically to the tumour only, thus preventing the peripheral impact of the drug.” Nanomites would help doctors administer cancer drugs directly into a tumor, rather than injecting it into the bloodstream where it would damage healthy tissue. An important key to helping cure cancer, is early detection, which is why doctors are invinging early detection nanomites, such as a“new gold nanoparticle sensors that can tell not only whether a person has cancer, but which kind–lung, breast, prostate or colon cancer. The benefit of such a system is its early-warning capability. Doctors could administer a simple breath test, and be able to tell whether a patient has the beginning stages of cancer–well before any tumors would show up on an X-ray or mammogram.” Detecting cancer early in patients will exponentially grow the amount of cancer survivors per year. Although early detection for cancer is key to saving a person, Nanorobotica may simply be able to completely eliminate cancer before it can even develop. Nanomites will have the capacity to change our neural structure and improve the way we think and see the world around us. Author’s Ray Kurzweil and Patrick Tucker wrote “Reinventing Humanity: The Future of Machine-Human Intelligence.”. In which they discuss how how Nanotechnology will not only be used to improve and redesign our entire bodies, but it will also greatly change the world we interact with. Like Gelle, Kurzweil also talks about improving our overall brain capacity. Our brain will vastly grow and boost our pattern recognition abilities, memories, and overall thinking capacity. Our brain will be implanted with into nanorobotics that will have the capacity to form new neural connections and destroy old or useless ones. This would greatly boost our learning ability, since neural connections would occur much quicker. Nanorobotics would also vastly improve our sensory, pattern recognition, and cognitive abilities.

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