Impact of Bernd Steinhardt Review

New Zealand in April, the snow has never fallen so early in the fall. Blizzards pull across the state. Living on remote islands people need to be evacuated. Wellington all hospitals have reached the limits of their supply capacity. Mysterious deaths, illnesses associated with headache, mental and other problems are piling up.

What has happened? or are the signs of impending global climate catastrophe

As in a fast-paced action film, the action takes place in a period of just six days – a unique natural phenomenon?.

Chapter by chapter rushes past the minute. Constantly change locations. But speed and excitement that are to be created thereby are held back by the many storylines that open up late, and the many people, each of which has an unusual Vita.

Nathan Cole, a neurologist, headed an institute that explored human consciousness. But after a subject had fallen into a coma, the institute was closed. Cole retired to an island back, and it is believed he had more research there.

There were death threats, one of which also experienced Jon Foster. To Nathan Cole warn, may be protected, he chartered a boat. But his help comes too late. Cole is dead in a gel-filled isolation tank. Was he murdered, or died in an experimental self-experiment?

Nao’ane ECO, a Maori shaman lives in a wellness center. She wants to help people to a balanced awareness. In which connection it is with Nathan Cole?

Albin Olsen receives high-tech computers signals an intelligent species in the universe.

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There are powerful circles that deny their existence from the public. Is he a nutcase?

In the background operates a group that protects itself with top names from the comic series “Peanuts” by Charles M. Schulz. What role does it play in the midst of all conspiracy theories?

Duncan Doyle, head of the world’s largest technology company, is behind Coles knowledge ago. The capital gets Doyle of a great power. It supports the development of weapons systems that can destroy the whole world, for example, a “Skybusters” (p 489), which destroy the atmosphere will transform the sky to brenenden hell. If the planet Earth before the abyss

What aufwühlendes, anxiety exciting scenario creates this novel: the establishment of a world power, aiming at the military, political and economic control. If they then still people to be predetermined behavior patterns – such as to carry out attacks – could program, they would have a god-like omnipotence

The implementation is not well done in my opinion.. One argument is the overburdening of the text with all sorts of (pseudo) scientific jargon of electromagnetics, geo-engineering, astronomy, holography, quantum physics, radio, ion spheres heater technology, etc.

In some vocabulary and theories can I myself due to my prior knowledge (education and general education, wake pursuit of current affairs) reasonably something imagined, others seem to me totally absurd, fictitious, contrived by the hair and thus stacked high, pathetic or reality misting.

In his observations, the author seeks a serious, scientifically researched based prove his work, so it should be dismissed not only as fantasy. He points (occupied by web addresses and books with ISBN) on three projects that deal with “the influence of human consciousness”, “influencing the material reality of the human spirit” and with the development of “brain-machine interface technologies “(p 517) deal – two of them with the participation of the US military and the National Security Agency, which of course immediately evokes a shudder of Dangerous-opaque, reprehensible in the German readers

another. the basis is the orgone theory from the late work of the German psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) (see also p.300).: to have discovered the alleged end of the 30s, a “primordial cosmic” energy called “orgone” and developed on this basis, a (strange) theory building. The concept was already rejected by Freud, reviewed by Einstein and not acknowledged, are not considered by reputable science worth discussing – and was soon after death empire into oblivion. In between, of the German student movement rediscovered (along with Reich’s “Mass Psychology of Fascism”), the legacy will be treasured by the disciples in the Wilhelm Reich Society today.

Steinhardt, however, indicates not a word that the “orgonomy” is highly controversial, but refers the reader quite one-sidedly on the web address of Wilhelm Reich society … I think it’s unscientific and manipulative.

also, the “Maharishi effect” of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is mentioned – after all, admits Steinhardt that its organization (page 518) is “controversial”. We recall that the Beatles, the Rolls-Royce Guru, the champagne discussion …

The quality of the other sources can and I will not judge, but it makes me very skeptical that one to one to write science fiction thriller, of all controversial Parawissenschaften from the 1960s and 1970s warms up. Since missing as further evidence even Uri Geller bent forks (of course only with the scientific relevantesten reference, the master’s own hand) …

Some readers may Bernd Steinhardt’s “Impact” described as challenging reading material. It seemed to me the novel exhausting, lengthy, incomprehensible in parts and overall pseudoscientific.

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