Il Volo dell'Eremita of Caterina Emili Review

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Vittore Guerrieri must be thought of as a happy man. Ten years ago he settled in Ceglie Messapica (Brindisi Province), and the lively Apulian town has become him with its endearing inhabitants and the beautiful countryside to the beloved homeland. earns his livelihood in a secluded fifty years by marketing the excellent olive oil around Europe and delivers. Rich he is it does not become, but the little that he wants to enjoy his life, he can indulge in: a small apartment with a terrace on the Piazza, delicious food, a lot of time with friends in the bar.

Not always Vittores life was so carefree. His mother pulled him into Morcella, a village in Umbria, under modest conditions without a father in size, with sixteen he left the region forever and made his way alone. In his darkest phase he fell to gambling, but he overcame it, disillusioned, remembered, sought a new environment where he could take root. Ceglie received him with open arms.

Morcella and Umbria disappeared without a trace from his consciousness.

Under him one day reach a telephone call from there. A broker has made him out to inform him that someone wanted to buy la sua casa in Morcella. The foreigners would offer a good price. Vittore, the money is not much meaning, remains calm. But not his best friend Mario, “bravo amico e protettore della mia pigra generosità, […] che lui proprio non riesce a capire”. When the matter unintentionally in the bar becomes public, Vittores status swells enormously – with a property in the back and an asset in view assumes the likeable but more concrete from Somewhere newcomers at once shape and becomes the object of insatiable curiosity.

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But he can not even better than the other meet, because of the modest house of his childhood he remembers little, and knows nothing about equal to its current condition and value. Mario assumes spontaneously the helm, announced public appeal, accompany Vittore into the unknown Umbria (for Puglia a backwoods area) and cause them to want the slightly unworldly friend can not be pulled over the table, and all the cronies in the bar are excited and full of anticipation what will then be expected to feature-length enticing tales.

So you start soon gen Northwest, three men in an old van.. “Io, Vittore, girovago alla ricerca di un’eredità Mario, sarto pantalonaio, assatanato di slot machine “, and, to everyone’s surprise,” il Professore, insegnante in pensione, che per la prima volta in vita sua Varca i confini della regione. ” Even while driving the constellation creates contrasting personalities amusing episodes when the “professore”, an encyclopedia of cultures and arts, the pragmatic, greedy, impatient, gruff Mario with lovingly detailed talks going or on the biscuit latter in the Autogrill will fully hit the stomach, while the spindly, greedy pensioners remain frugal in the car or at best resigns with mine trina in brodo or pasta in bianco.

As expected, the real estate transaction is complicated and requires further trips between Ceglie and the rustic Umbrian hinterland. How Vittore learns gradually, there is a share of the maternal house in a seedy uncle. But this was brutally murdered, making his inheritance – together with a stately, albeit cheesy decked villa estate – passed to his son Volendo. In order to make the heritage as always available, must come to terms with Vittore Volendo. But who has already adopted several years ago from the sinful world and bustle, to live a life pleasing to God as a hermit in the wilderness of the Umbrian mountain forests. As Vittore him finally tracks down, he meets “una specie di uccello umano in camiciotto Azzurro: braccia lunghissime, sterno care nato come quello d’un pollo, due occhi tondi e arrossati, naso un sottile e adunco” – a Fool on the Hill , with its oblique views must now grapple intensely sober pragmatist.

Silvano, Volendo and Don Antonio Noica, a priest from Amelia, who the scattered hermits looked after, the author enriches their people cabinet to more original specimens whose Kauzigkeit and mystery entertained. Silvano’s criminal past, the machinations of Romanian gangs and various suspicious how this or that could be involved in it, make you want to Mitraten and ensure (mild) stress.

What I biggest (and consistently sustained!) Pleasure prepared reading, Caterina Emilis kind is telling: the warm tone that pleasing, but by no means trivial style, the numerous explanations of landscape, history, culture, sights, and delicious venues in Puglia and Umbria. From them not only love is what the author of these areas, but they can the reader actually irritate targeted excursions and guide.

So this book is an ideal, fully recommended holiday reading both for a trip to the coasts in southern Apulia and in the age-old cultural and natural landscape of southern Umbria.

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