IHS Technology School Pre-work Nov 2018

IH&S Technology School

Pre-work Form

Fall 2018

Student Name: FORMTEXT ?????Site: FORMTEXT ?????

Who is your GBU/IH&S coach? Name here: FORMTEXT ?????

Have you discussed your training plan with your coach yet? Yes FORMCHECKBOX No FORMCHECKBOX

Successful completion of all IH&S Web Based Training modules which can now be accessed in My Learning (In the search field enter the topic and course number from the list below.)

Or if you had already completed WBT from the old HS&E WBT portal just go to “History” and click on “View All” to see what you have already completed.

FORMCHECKBOX Behavior and Culture

55085 FORMCHECKBOX Confined Space Entry 55093 FORMCHECKBOX Ergonomics 55072

FORMCHECKBOX Fall Protection 55076 FORMCHECKBOX Chemical Management 55088 FORMCHECKBOX Material Handling (all 5 lessons) 55200, 57323, 55067, 55069, 55068

FORMCHECKBOX PPE for Respiratory Hazards 55073 FORMCHECKBOX PPE for Physical Hazards 56288 FORMCHECKBOX Chemical Exposure Assessment 55062

FORMCHECKBOX Incident Management

55096 FORMCHECKBOX Loss and Risk 7971001 FORMCHECKBOX Isolation of Hazardous Energy and Linebreaking 55064

Isolation of Hazardous Energy (Approximately 13 hours.) OK

a. Read/study D&C IHE CBA2050Read the introduction and sections 1-7 (11 pages), the bypass part of section 8, and section 12 &13.

  Browse through the index and the remaining section to ensure you know the topics covered but it is not necessary at this time to read everything. 1.0 Hour

b. Read IHE O&M CBA 2052 and CBA 2059 on Line Breaking. 1.0 Hour

c. Complete the 3 Skill Blocks for Isolation and Control of Hazardous Energy – Design and Construct Requirement found in the My Learning link. These are recordings of PowerPoint presentations. Do all lessons and the Knowledge Check for each of the 3 Skill Block sections.

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Skill Block 1 – Risk Identification, Estimation and Elimination # 65669 No audio provided

Skill Block 2 – Safety Circuits and Energy Isolation 65671 No audio provided

Skill Block 4 – Safety Devices and Other Requirements 65670      No audio provided

Skill Block 5 – AMEC Requirements 54623 No audio provided

8.0 Hours

d. Application project:  Complete a machine safety Design & Construct Checklist ( or use link in section 13 of IHE CBA2050 for a new or existing production or packing machine that requires frequent operator access and interlocked guards.  Do the electrical section with your site’s trained/qualified PC&IS resource.  Do the Documentation section and the mechanical section alone, and then review it with IHE system owner.   Take picture of machine, bring pic and checklist to the class. 2.0

Hearing Conservation pre-work. (Approximately 3 hours)

a Go to Home – HS&E Knowledge Systems Click on Physical Agents Noise/Hearing Conservation in the right column.Click the CBA link. Download the Hearing Conservation CBA GIT036Read all and specifically “Roles & Responsibility” on page 10 & identify who covers each role at your site. 0.25 Hour

b. Complete WBT for Hearing Conservation 55075

0.75 Hour


d. Talk to the Hearing Conservation Program System Owner at your Site

Obtain the most recent noise exposure data:When was it performed? ________ Did it cover the entire site? ________How was the data gathered:

Was it done by someone in house? ________

With dosimeters or a Sound Level Meter? _________

Which areas exceeded 85 dBA? _________

What corrective actions were taken?

Which areas of your plant currently require Hearing Protection Devices (HPD) to be worn?What types of HPD are used at your site?How are the HPDs determined to be appropriate for the different areas at your site?Look for NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) calculations.Are audiometric exams done in-house (medical) or by external resources?Who manages that and did 100% of employees in the HC program get tested last year?How many employees had hearing loss in the last 3 years?

Which department did they occur in? List all: _____________________________________________

How many of these were P&G Recordable cases?

List all: _____________________________________________ 2.0 Hours

Review your site’s Chemical Management Plan with the site HS&E Program Leader and bring a copy to IH&S Technology School.

Review your site’s chemical inventory with your site HS&E Program Leader. Identify the high hazard chemicals at your site. Write the top five hazardous chemicals here.

Locate your site’s list of SDS and the method that employees use to get this information. Briefly describe here.

Read the attached document on Chemical Exposure Assessment Pre-Work for Site IH&S Technology School.


Complete the IH&S Triangle exercise found in the zip file with your overall site information. Distinguish between construction and non-construction cTIR. Bring a hard copy to the training. (Please, we want your overall site data and not your department or module data.)

Note: If multiple people from your site are attending this course it is OK to work together as a group.

Be prepared to discuss and answer questions regarding this information.

Optional: If you have limited experience with Behavior and Culture programs at a site read the Behavior and Culture documents attached in the Pre-work. (Please make sure you view them in “notes view” and read the speakers notes.)

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IHS Technology School Pre-work Nov 2018
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