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If we talk about literacy we have to talk about how to Essay

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“If we talk about literacy, we have to talk about how to enhance our children’s mastery over the tools needed to live intelligent, creative, and involved lives – Dan Glover”

The words stated by a wise man such as Glover has a point that can be applied in different fields of education, knowledge enhancement and literacy. If it has to be put in a subject such as Media and Information Literacy, it still holds the strongpoint that literacy is about enhancing the skills and mastery of tomorrows hope. Media and Information Literacy is an important asset which serves as a bridge to success to any man, woman or child who carries such skill. The skill of identifying the facts from hoax is a key to understand, analyze and hack the system of a monotonous, unsuccessful and foolish concept of life. If these things be applied to the minds of all citizens in the society, it will create a chain reaction of success where every man, woman and child knows what path to take with right information had been set as a guide.

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I, as a member of the modern society and a man gifted with knowledge in media and information literacy, it gives me an advantage among those who neglects the power of media usage and information analyses. Information digestion from different types of media has been a key to get a man through against the struggles of life. Being gifted with such skill, it enables a man to express, deliver and state what are the thoughts he carries, may it be for the betterment or for the worse of the society. Being equipped with such skill, it can create a trigger of change in our modern day lives and create a solution to crisis which we are one of its proponents

As a student, a child, a man and part of our nation, I am equipped the qualities to create change. Setting my knowledge as the arsenal, I can help the community through relaying proper information to each and every one without compromising the lives of those who serves under the modern system. It is within my reach and capability to choose what is real from what is not, an important skill that will lead you away from living a false directed life. In addition, it is within the reach of a student like me to conduct programs and teach young minds what are required and necessary to create and forge a strong civilized man. With such method, I may not only help the men living the generation I live in but also the children which will the hope of tomorrow’s generation.

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