Ideas of Augmented Services for a Family Practice Clinic

Topics: First Aid

Augmented Services

To open a new family practice clinic that differentiates from the rest, I would concentrate on the value of both the younger patients (children) and the adults equally. Many doctors put certificates on the walls to create a tangible aspect of their service, giving people that tangible sense they seem to need. No doubt this works, but there are other ways to augment the service to possibly encourage people to re-consider visiting or even recommending my practice.

Souvenirs would be a route I would take, especially for the younger patients.

Kids like to take things home. Many dental practices use this, but a ddoctor’soffice can also pursue this route. Give the children a gift bag with a mini “first aid” kit. Perhaps if they have an X-ray sent over in the case of a broken arm, leg, etc. send a copy of the x-ray to take home and show off. These little things add the extra touch that could make someone choose to go to a different practice or not.

For the adults, I would keep a refrigerator with a variety of beverages in the waiting room along with freshly baked goods (at least the scent of baked goods for association purposes). A family practice should be a low-stress zone. Although it is possible that the waiting room can be too relaxingg”. This might upset some patients. Another consideration is checkup cards, a small card that has the dates of a patient’s last checkup and the date when they should be back again.

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This can be posted on a refrigerator or be placed in a purse giving the patient a friendly reminder to return even in the case of a nonsickened/broken state.

The main goal I wish to achieve through these various strategies is to keep the practice of family-friendlykkeepthe experience a positive one for children and adults; making sure patients return even when they are not sick or injured creates a positive environment where people will want to return to (hopefully creating a cycle). When the waiting room has more people there for checkups and follow-uupsthen hopefully other patients will return regularly and recommend my practice as well.

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