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ICOMM WA draft 4_29 June 2019 Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Early Childhood Education


Introducing technology to children at an early age may cause children to develop internet addiction. Internet addiction, defined as net compulsions such as online gaming and shopping, is increasingly prevalent, affecting many and their quality of life (Lee & Morgan, 2018). This is supported by a recent report showing children living in the United States are spending at least 3 times more on their mobile devices now as compared to a similar finding in 2013 (Howard, 2017). Without proper guidance and supervision, internet addiction could result in sleep deprivation, lack of self-control on devices and affecting one’s social skills.


Sleep Deprivation

First, children with excessive screen time at bedtime instil sleep deficiency quicker compared to those who do not (“Mobile devices keep children from sleeping well: Study,” 2016). Sleep deficiency has a great impact on how children can understand the concepts taught in class. A child’s mind is utilised to store memories and data they intake each day during their learning procedure. Lack of sleep causes their brain to work harder to facilitate memory and concentrating during lessons as children will be more fatigued and lethargic to absorb when sleep deprivation occurs (Weale, 2017).

Lack of self-control on their devices

Second, introduction of technology has affected some children’s attentiveness and performance in learning. These devices are platforms for the public to interact with diverse communities worldwide and immersing themselves in mobile game applications. When children become pre-occupied with their gadgets, it causes a delay in their motor skills. A 2015 report by the Early Childhood Education Journal, local children are attached to their gizmos at least more than one hour a day. Being hooked on to devices can result in developmental delay which influences the children’s ability to acquire and retain information at a slower pace (Ng, 2017).

Hinder Social Skills

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Third, addiction to technology can stunt human interactions. When children are dependent on their smart devices regularly, they might feel more socially awkward among people during face-to-face interaction (Dunckley, 2016). Children may have problems voicing out their thoughts and stuttering when they are speaking. International Conference of Early Childhood Education revealed that under the influential usage of the gadget can reduce a child’s lack of interaction within its surroundings (Suhana, 2017). When children’s social skills are absent, they may fear to ask to inquire or clarify their doubts with their teachers due to embarrassment, thus deterring their learning.


In conclusion, the introduction of technology at an early age can lead to addictions that are highly unsafe and dangerous. It is now easy to go online to do many things – to chat with family and friends and pick up new hobbies. However, if overindulge or engage excessively in online activities, it can affect other aspects of our daily lives. Therefore, it is important for proper guidance to our young so that they become responsible digital learners and citizens.


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About the author

This sample essay is completed by Harper, a Social Sciences student. She studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. All the content of this paper is just her opinion on ICOMM WA draft 4_29 June 2019 and should not be seen as the way of presenting the arguments.

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