I would like to attend the banker associate program because of

I would like to attend the banker associate program for several reasons. Firstly, I would like to enhance my own financial marketing knowledge that I obtained during my past experiences working at different banks in Saudi Arabia including Al-farnsi bank. The second reason, I would like to attend this program because business plays a huge role on individuals as well as societies; therefore, I see that learning about business is necessary. In addition to that, throughout the Banker Associate Program, I see that participants will obtain several skills, such as leadership, communication, and personal skills; for this reason, it would be a great opportunity to attend because of the fact that my own skills would be strongly developed.

I would also enjoy becoming a member who plays roles significantly prior to working with others to create projects regarding banking and/or to projects that I believe would be an important in order to improve Saudi Arabia banks as well as providing services locally and internationally.

Most importantly, by participating the program, I will be able to use my creativity by building a novel project during my bachelor period as well as being an active member during my master study during by taking a project and re-designing and improving it. I am confident that my creativity and thinking will help me take an important aspect and create ideas to apply towards any projects. I would like to participate in this program because I am sure that the program will give participants challenging projects that need effort and ability working on them theoretically and practically which means I will learn lots and lots of useful skills throughout any project I will have assigned for.

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And indeed, those reasons make me so eager to attend the program because I will apply my knowledge which I am going to learn from the program in my future career.

What makes me a unique candidate is my accomplishments as well as my experiences. In the period that I spent during my studies and work, I have learned a lot. At the English academic level, I was so enthusiastic to learn English and in that period I was very eager to present in all my classes and to not be absent in any. Because of my commitment and my participation during my classes, my teachers referred to me as the best student. Also, in that period I enrolled in different workshops to learn different skills, such as typing and also volunteered in several events that the Saudi club hosted. At the bachelor period, I also was able to attend my classes without being late or absent for a long time, and I was the student who liked to participate during classes and tried to take the biggest advantages to learn. During this journey, I was very excited and I loved the times when I had to be a team group member and work with my classmates to do any projects or to present any subjects. Furthermore, during the last semester of the bachelor period, I wanted to create my own senior design project, which was creating a heating system within a baby stroller. I did not want to choose a topic my professors suggested because my goal was to create something new. I wanted to be a unique as well as wanted to handle more challenges experiencing a new thing. At the master level, I also was able to continue my accomplishments through finishing my master’s degree with having a GPA of 3.67/4. I spent a lot of time to studying and during that time I wanted to work. I worked as a global ambassador to strengthen my leadership skills and to take full advantage from the time I spent during my study. After I got my master degree in about two month I was able to work in the USA as a full time. Initially, I was working as a quality inspector associate for about two months, but after my manager and my supervisor noticed that my skills were much higher than what was required for the job, they gave me another position with higher responsibilities duties. I become as lead quality control. In my current job, I have not made any mistakes doing my duties, but also I was able to develop many areas in regard to quality. Because of these journeys, I believe that I would be a unique candidate.

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