Ups and Downs: My Plans for the Future

I worked up and forever will beuntil death welcomes me. I tend to reach the things I want and the things I need for it seems I think it is and that is something that makes me feel whole and complete. Getting those things, desires, are never easy. I think a lot of plans in my minds. I may call it plan A, B and C since I knew that even if I planned it well, something or someone might interfere or change it in which it is something I need to look out for as I go along with my life trying to make a wonderful memories while I am still live.

Life is pleasant, I could never argue to that since it is true but the degree of pleasantness depends on the experiences of a person. Everyone especially I for sure are open with the possibilities and opportunities, it is just on us whether we have to accept it or ignore it.

Because like I said, I have plans and I try to stick to that plans however in my life, I experience a lot of things that I do and I do not expect it to happen. And I cannot do anything to undo what happened, all I can do is to accept it and once accepted, it nurtures me. These experiences are the ones that shapes me to someone who I wanted to be and to be someone with a purpose. And those experiences happens in a certain time with a certain intention.

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And those intentions makes my life full of surprises hence making it pleasant.

But what makes it pleasant? My life does not revolve to myself only. There will always be someone who comes and became a part of my lives in which they also become a part of my experiences and achievements. Theres a saying that no man is an island and I believed that. Because if I were, I would no longer need others right? But no, thats never going to happen. We all have different roles to play in thus indicating that we need each other to make life pleasant. Nothing is pleasant to a man with himself only. It has to be with someone always.

Life is pleasant because I can be able to share what I feel inside to others. The feeling of love, happiness, sadness, being scared, alone and other emotions that makes us human. Having these set of emotions made me think, decide, intervene, work, move and speak. And with this, it leads to getting the satisfaction I need, the agreement, security, assurance, the sense of belongingness, love, and everything.

Everything that makes me feel pleasured. And I know that it is evident that everyone wants this pleasure to be continuous. Never ending. But that did not work right? Because of these transitions, limited timelines. We do not know what comes next after such moment. All we know is how to react. Everything are on limits and that is something we didnt like of.

Abruptions, interventions always happen in between of our lives thus leading to these misconceptions, heavy arguments, separation which also results to negative emotions and perceptions in life. Most people get blinded with the negative emotions they have instead on holding on the positive side of those scenarios and for me, it is understandable because we are humans but of course, pessimism should be stopped for this is an unhealthy act.

Starting off again is exhausting and boring. Too many downs than ups in my life seems to be too much. With this mind-set, it hinders people to believe that life is pleasant. How can it be pleasant if I suddenly lost something or someone in a midst of my happiness? It will again drag me down. How can it be also pleasant if I were experiencing overdue and long-time sadness and I witnessed others are experiencing extreme happiness? This will let me feel helpless and hopeless. How can it be also pleasant when I just started off but again something or someone blocked the way? This will let me say it is unfair.

If none of my plans or wishes happened, how can I move on? If death comes, how can it be called peaceful if I think I havent done anything right and I leave with another set of problems to my loved ones? If transitions keeps on happening, when can I reach the finish line? Or can I still reach that finish line I always believed to happen?

With such experiences, sometimes these hinders us to grow and understand the cycle. A lot of people will surely ask that why so many transitions? Why were our timelines limited? Why it has to stop? There will be so many whys circulating in my minds.

It stresses me out, it makes me worry. But what can I do? Life is a cycle. It is a process, a growing process. Naivety is not a part of the vocabulary, I must and should grow with wisdom and knowledge.

Truly transition is a troublesome only when we think negatively. These transitions were just challenges or trials to face on. It is a part of learning and growing as a better individual. Without these transitions, do you think it will jump or lead you to another good opportunities? To another good set of memories? Do you think it will lead you to meet new friends and create more social relationships? If there were no limits, do you think youd be able to explore and discover strengths, skills and talents within you? No. A big no. There would be no room for improvement, no room for adventures. And that is not an ideal for a pleasant life.

With this, everybody should learn and know the word acceptance. That is all we need. Whatever happens in life are meant to happen because that was for the best version of ourselves. If we are in our best version, then the plans, the goals we intend to reach will be also at best to its finest. Id say that too many downs than ups is a stepping stone closer to the pleasure you wanted to have. The pleasure we get at the end was not just merely a pleasure of yours only, but it also the pleasure of others, of the people you encountered along the way in reaching to that peak of satisfaction. Hence, life will only be pleasant and death would be peaceful if we see transitions as delightsome, not troublesome.

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Ups and Downs: My Plans for the Future
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