I wish I could hate you by Lucy Christopher Review

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A psychopath has kidnapped the girl Gemma. He feels lonely and alone and want to keep Gemma for you at all.

Very vividly portrays the prisoners from their perspective their terrible fears, their physical needs that have been reduced to eating, drinking and body wastes. The dry and very powerful kidnapper has drugged. You must have slept late because when she rises from her bed, she feels her body and barely dragged himself to the door. She was never connected, and all the doors are open.

She hopes to flee to her parents, who she last saw at the airport in Bangkok … Or was it just a dream? She opens the kitchen door to the outside, is blinded by the bright sunlight, the heat kills them formally. But where should they go? Everywhere only sand and bushes, the middle of nowhere. Nevertheless runs and runs it for their lives until they hear the engine noise of a car behind. The kidnapper grabs again.

Like a wild animal it comes around, spat on him, biting him tightly in his hand. Where it only takes her strength? Finally, he drags her back into the house, into the bathroom, closes. He sits on the other side of the bathroom door and assures Gemma, he would never kill. But Gemma does not want, she scratches his wrists with a piece of glass on.

What kidnapped people suffer, one can hardly imagine. The author can us the feelings of a captive girl to get very close to the futility of their thinking all through the linguistic presentation of the narrative.

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Always in the same way, Gemma sets internally with the offender apart, speaketh the absentees directly at her, asked him ( “Why you had me brought here? What did you want?”) And describes the reactions it causes in her ( “I cut I seeps into the skin, cross over the joint. blood … rather kill himself than to wait that you do. “).

the fact that there seems to be only one way for Gemma, namely to kill himself, needs no comment.

This young adult novel is a tough gun.

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