I think that a person needs to be inspired by absolute values

I think that a person needs to be inspired by absolute values and make these core values as regular practices, especially in professional life. As of now my age is 19, and in the last 2 years of my life, I have always tried to give my best in everything and worked hard. At the same time, I have also focused on my career growth and improvement in many things. In order to support this career growth and improvement, I have never tried to follow any short-cut but always maintained righteousness towards my jobs and tried to perform my responsibilities with integrity.

I have experienced multiple obstacles in the workplace that have created difficulties to proceed through grappling spiritual values. However, I have overcome the challenges with the help of non-violence and always took the side of truth anyhow.

Life Up to now

Inspiring person

I have learnt from my parents that; the truth is the only arsenal to win the ultimate battle of life.

They have remained the utmost inspiration for me to follow the path of truth. When I was only 13 years old, one of our close relatives was sentenced to jail due to some offensive activities in the workplace. I spotted my father not to support that person and respect the law and truth.

My understanding

This is how; I have learnt to adopt spiritual values like truth, non-violence and righteousness in the professional field. These values have not only helped me to grow a successful career and maintain a healthy professional life but also spend a peaceful life as well.

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Retirement Years

Changes in values

Spiritual values have always guided me to find out the most suitable option in decision making and the proper way to lead my life. Now I am standing at a point of life when life is going to flow in a different direction as I will retire from my professional life within the coming two years. In this stage of life, I am realizing a few changes in my behavior, attitude as I have started quite more to think about my family members. I feel that I have embraced specific religious values such as I have become more compassionate than the previous time. Sometimes, I am willingly joining the family occasions and find its importance more than maintaining perfection in office tasks.

Inspiring person

According to me, these changes have been occurred due to the influence of my brother who is just two years older than me and has retired from a job recently. I am observing my brother regret for the time of young ages, he has lost and his family especially the children have missed him so much. This has somehow inspired me to adopt religious values like being quite more compassionate to my family members and try a little more to revive the relationships for exploring the new dimensions.

My understanding

My self-realization has taught me to revolutionise my core values for being modest to my close people, who are always surrounding me but I have never recognized them individually due to professional busyness. Additionally, I had also become more compassionate than before and started to treat these people, close to my heart, as they would one like to be treated.

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