Comparisons of Аpple and Oxfam

I need to research and gather information on two opposite lines of business. I chose Apple Inc. and Oxfam.

Apple features

Apple is a commercial company. This allows the business to focus on making the money and success that will help it succeed. Their property is in the public sector as they are a public limited company. Apple has an international reach, which means they have a huge target audience from all over the world.

This will allow them to receive more money as they are famous all over the world. It will also attract more customers, which means new business and more success.

Apple has limited liability to help them get started, as this means that even if the apple goes bankrupt, the owner is not liable and his personal assets are safe, so this will give them insurance during the launch of the company, which will reduce the risks. accepted to help them succeed. Apple uses all 4 different sectors as Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Quaternary.

This helps them become more successful as it would be cheaper to do everything on their own, so they save money.

Features of Oxfam

Oxfam is a non-profit company in the non-profit sector. In some cases, this can reduce business success, as their main purpose is not to make money, which can affect the success of the business. In the case of Oxfams, they are more focused on getting people out of poverty, rather than focusing on making money. money can affect business success.

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Oxfam has an international reach as it helps people around the world and also receives donations from people around the world.

So we can see that the international reach helps them a lot as it allows them to receive more donations. This would keep Oxfam afloat and fulfill its mission of helping people living in poverty. Oxfam also has limited liability, which means that even if the company goes bankrupt or starts to go into debt or liquidate, the assets of the owner and employees are safe and they are not responsible if something goes wrong.

Oxfam also leverages all 4 sectors to help their business succeed as they do more to help people, such as purchasing materials to help them, but they also raise phone calls to people who want to donate and send out emails. so that it helps the business to a great extent. success.


We can see that these two businesses have different forms of ownership and that their business is focused, for example, the goal of apples is to make money compared to Oxfam, which does not care about money so much that we can see that these two factors will have great importance. the difference is in success. While they are both very successful, the profit goal will allow Apple to do better as they are focused on making a profit, so it will make their success even greater as they care about the company’s success, whereas Oxfam only cares about one thing.

Organizational structure of both

Apple and Oxfam have a flat structure for their company. This would make the company more successful in some ways and less successful in others. The advantages of the flat structure of these companies are among the main reasons for their success. A flat structure means a shorter chain of command. This means that information can be transferred much faster and easier, so jobs can run faster and things run smoother.

In addition, the shorter command chain means that if there is an urgent problem, it can be solved much faster than in the case of a high structure. This will help the success of the business, as if there are any problems with the company itself, they can be resolved before they start to lose business. Not only that, it allowed the company’s employees not to compete with each other.

This means that they will all work towards a common goal for the company, so joint jobs will run smoother and complete faster, which will greatly benefit the business in its success. It will also benefit the company as decision making will be much easier as the company will have fewer people to consult with, so if there are any pressing issues or decisions that need to be made quickly, they can be made much faster. than they would be in a tall building, so that would help the success of the business. There are also more people who do not work in a flat structure, so things will get done faster. Anyway,

Functional areas of the apple

Apple has all of the major functional areas, but each one has a different impact on the overall success of a business. First of all, they have a marketing department that is vital to the success of any business. The marketing department will try to sell products to target customers in any way they can. They will drive sales and thus increase profits, which is why they are very important to the growth of any business. This marketing department will help apples grow and sell their products. They do this through newspaper ads, TV ads, billboards, and all manner of ways to advertise their product.

This means that people will notice new products that Apple is selling, and the challenge for marketing departments is to get people to buy those products so that the company’s bottom line would plummet without them. They also have a sales department that is the direct link between the company and the buyer. These are people who call their target audience and try to sell them a phone by talking to them. They can also do this by sending people an email or by making direct contact with them. Their only purpose in their work is to sell products to people.

These types of people are important to the success of a business as they help attract new customers and generate profits. They are not as important as marketing because they do not reach a huge number of people at the same time, but they are still a good part of the company. Apple also has a human resources department. This department is important because it does not attract more business and does not affect the products sold, so it may not seem so important at first.

However, this department allows employees to contact them in case of any problems. Without them, employees may feel less comfortable in the workplace, especially if they cannot talk to someone, if they have a problem, so this will lead to fewer people wanting to work there, and fewer staff, and this will lead to a drop in business success. Apple also has a finance department that controls all the money and profits the company makes.

Without this, the company would not know if it is making a profit or loss, so it is imperative to make sure that the company has not closed or gone into debt. In addition, they have a production department, which is so important to the success of the business as that is the only reason for its existence. Without the manufacturing department, the products would not be able to be manufactured, and they would have nothing to sell, which would mean that the business went bankrupt.

So we see that their production department is responsible for their success and therefore they need it to stay successful. Apple has a sales team that determines how customers can find and receive their products in the best possible way. This is very important because it allows customers to actually get the product and use it. Finally, they have a risk management team that looks after product safety, customer safety and marketing risk mitigation.

Functional areas for Oxfam

Oxfam is not trying to sell the product, and since they are a non-profit company, their functional areas are slightly different from apples, so this is a very contrasting business. Instead of a marketing department, Oxfam has a campaign department. This department is a huge success factor for Oxfam because without it people would not know what Oxfam is trying to do, so they would not know what to donate or how people could help them if they wanted to get involved. This department raises awareness of what Oxfam is trying to do and who they are trying to do. They do it in the same way that the marketing department sells a product, but instead they try to get your attention to help them.

Thus, without them, Oxfam would not have received the attention it needs, and therefore would have been much less successful. Because of what Oxfam is trying to do, they have to have a development department to find and implement the plan. This is essential to the success of this particular business as it will help them achieve their mission and therefore the people who donate will see the money go to help people, so they will be willing to donate more. They also have an emergency team, which are the people who help.

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