Toilet Bowl - Sanitary Fixture

The following example essay on “Toilet bowl – sanitary fixture” talks about toilet being one of the most needed and important stuff in a house but it can also be considered a luxury.

Having a toilet is extremely important for a household but to me having a flush toilet inside your nice and warm house is a luxury. You absolutely need a toilet, but not everyone in this world is lucky enough to have a flush toilet inside their house. Some have pit latrines and bucket toilets which is outside the house, and some people even do not have a toilet.

They go in the open fields, bushes or rivers.

Not everyone in the world has this luxury, so please do appreciate this luxury every time you use it. For say, a toilet is just a simple bowl-shaped device with a seat that you sit on or stand near when emptying the body waste, but it is of great importance to ones everyday life and you don’t realize the importance of it till you have to urgently use and you don’t have it.

A flush toilet comes in different size, shape, color, and features. The one I have at home is as white and shiny as a pearl. It has many different parts, has a tank to hold water and it has a lid. Inside the tank are tiny parts, levers, and washers which work together to make the toilet flush. There is a silver lever outside on the tank which you pull down to flush the toilet.

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The toilet has a bowl with seats and the seat has lids too.

The seats can be soft or hard. Mine is made of plastic which is as hard as a wooden chair when you sit on it. Your legs can go numb if you sit on it for too long. The bowl contains a little bit of water and when you stare at it for a while, it starts to look like a miniature swimming pool. Some dogs love this refreshing water in the bowl. The outside, bottom of the toilet looks like ans: where all the plumbing connects to the sewage system. There is a good size hole in the bathroom floor on which the toilet system sits and makes a connection to the sewage system. The magic of plumbing is very essential here.

Somewhere between 1844-1855, in London, a sewer system was built and with this new sewer system, a toilet that flushed with water could be built. The main purpose of a flush toilet is nothing fancy, it provides a good sanitation healthy living environment for everyone while protecting the natural resources such as surface water, groundwater, and soil. It also provides safety, security, and dignity for people when they defecate or urinate.

The exposure to human waste causes diarrhea and other diseases that can be deadly, especially for children. Especially for women and adolescent girls, toilets provide a personal space to manage their menstrual hygiene and also lowers the risk of harassment when defecating in the open around dusk and dawn and having a flush toilet inside our homes adds an additional safety beauty to it. Flush toilets are essential for clean, and healthy communities and contribute to social and economic development.

In conclusion, I would say that flush toilets are ignored, or taken for granted. The marvelous invention is the flush toilet has helped prevent a lot of diseases. Most of us cannot imagine life without a flush toilet, go camping sometime and you will truly understand the value of a flush toilet inside your home.

The flush toilet is an invention of which the entire world population can be very proud and without this invention water supplies throughout the world would not be drinkable. The next time you see a flush toilet, remember the many inventors and plumbers that made it possible for you to enjoy this luxury in a clean, simple, easy-to-use device that makes our lives a little easier. Keep the toilets clean, and remember to wash your hands after using a toilet.

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Toilet Bowl - Sanitary Fixture
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