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I believe that education allows anyone to climb to the top My Paper

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I believe that education allows anyone to climb to the top. My parents had always instilled that thought into my mind because they know the value of education. Neither of them got tertiary studies, thus they make sure that my brother and I receive adequate education by sending us to school and to tuitions too. They always remind us to work hard and be dedicated to everything that we do, so that we will not only be useful human beings to the family but to society as well. This just makes me grateful to have parents like them. Therefore, I devoted my time and effort into my academics. Not only that, I joined co-curriculum activities even though money has always been tight. I want to become the first person in my family to attend college, though I’m in need of financial assistance for my goal and my parent’s dreams.

Besides trying to reduce the financial burden of my parents, I have a goal, which is providing a better life for my parents. I want to be able to secure a job and receive enough earnings to sustain myself and for my family. They have been providing every basic need for me and always making sure we live happily. As the saying goes, “Family first”. My parents have done a lot for me and I just want to give back and be proud of who I am. And as such, my dream has always been to live life better than my parents are currently living theirs.

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I choose the STAR Education Fund as a route for my further studies because they had been providing me with the latest news and I applied for the Newspaper-In-Education program back in primary and secondary school as well. I joined several annual competitions throughout the years, however, not won any. The Star Newspaper is also looked up upon by the civilians of Malaysians for their daily local and global news. This newspaper is much more full-fledged and prestigious compared to other newspapers. It also helped me improve my English language literacy through the articles in the newspaper. As an outgoing person who enjoys making new friends and values unity, I can relate to the Star that believes in bringing Malaysians together. This shows that I rely on The Star Newspaper for compelling content and also to improve my English language. It will be such an honour to apply and to be able to receive this education fund from my favourite newspaper organization.

This scholarship will definitely strengthen my opportunity to take _ course which I was not able to pay for due to my financial burden. The Star Education Fund can help develop skills that I have set for myself and will, in turn, help me start a career in _. In a nutshell, this scholarship will help me accomplish my current goal, to the next and eventually become a successful professional in the_

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