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I am interested in perusing a career in law enforcement I’m looking Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Cyber Law

I am interested in perusing a career in law enforcement, I’m looking towards Special Weapons and Tactics Team or SWAT. Before becoming a SWAT officer, you must have a certain amount of years as a street cop depending on the department. Computer technology is a huge part of law enforcement and criminal investigations. There is a variety of things police officers use computers for such as logging in and looking up criminals in databases. They can run vehicle plates and registration. When incidents or arrests happen, officers have to make follow up reports which results in large amount of paperwork. Investigators can use computers to do research online pertaining to a case they are working on. Many department observe their community online through social media to prevent crimes and such. Forensic investigators use all kinds of computer technology to analyze and track evidence. With that being said computer fundamentals is a vital skill that I will need in pursuing the career I want. Mastering the basic fundamentals of computing and troubleshooting will really benefit me in future not only in my career but my personal life. Also learning the standard communication applications will benefit me both in my career and my personal life. Key applications in my opinion would be the most beneficial to me because it covers database applications and also methods on how to use spreadsheets and such. This has to do more of what I will be doing on a day to day basis in my future career. If anything from the three main IC3 topics for some reason in my future career, it will for sure benefit me in my personal life. The most computer knowledge I know is from a computer class I took in high school which teaches you how to type and things like that. Other than that, everything else I learned on my own or picked up from a peer.

Since I only have such a little computer background, I have a lot of questions about computing that the book can help me answer. Chapters 4 & 5 cover computer basis and I think that will really teach me more about the hardware I’m using and how to properly use it. I often ask my friends simple questions like how I make a copy of a document or how I do this or that. Chapters 4 & 5 will teach me a lot of the basics I don’t’t know, then I will be able to answer those silly questions for someone else. Identity theft has become a huge problem in our society, and I want to know how to better protect my online identity. I wonder how I can better defend myself

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against cyber theft and identity theft. I wonder how easy it is for someone to steal someone’s identity based off their online information. I also wonder how I can defend myself from cyber hackers as well. After looking over the chapters, I found that Chapter 9 talks about protecting your computer and managing computer security. This will give me answers to the questions I have.

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