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I am adequately trained and have acquired substantial Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Teaching Career

I am adequately trained and have acquired substantial practical knowledge.

I worked as an intern for nine (9) months in a civil engineering construction firm named Apex design Associates (APA), where I learned the rudiments of engineering and construction. During my stay at Apex Design Associates, I was involved in site visitations with the chief engineer to perform technical and feasibility studies and site investigations. I was also responsible for inspecting the work done by the laborers on site to ensure concordance of the work with the design specification and standard procedures. I took part in developing detailed designs of structures. I Interact and cooperate effectively with my fellows including some architects and quantity surveyors to think both creatively and logically in resolving design problems. We usually do undertake weekly seminar presentation, during the sessions I always learned from my mistakes and get introduced to new Ideas. I was in charge of reviewing and proof reading of some project reports or project drawings before final approval.

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My responsibilities during volunteer teaching career at Quest secondary school are; Preparation of lesson plan, running extracurricular activities of sports and clubs. Communicating with parents about their children’s performance, especially at Parent Teachers Association (PTA) meetings. In addition, I was responsible for maintaining attendance records, grades, and reports on student for some classes. I seldom take extra class sessions to polish the lessons already taught, this is to help the slow learners among the students. I do evaluate work and participation of the students to point out their separate weaknesses and adopting suitable remedial measures to help the weak students, by repeating explanations, giving more illustrations and examples, as well as designing the lessons in such a way to reflect individual differences.

I also work as a graduate engineer trainee for two years in China Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCECC) Nigerian Limited. During my career at CCECC, I Oversee Construction work done by the laborers, train and teach Industrial Training (IT) students and non-technical staff. I worked alongside engineers during projects to evaluate and approve design changes, specifications, and drawing releases. I partake in some of the design aspects for the road where I draw some highway elements using AutoCAD and run the design data (coordinates, levels) in excel. In addition, did Field assignments (collecting data) under supervision of chief foreman. I undertake practical in the laboratory to check and affirm the suitability and quality of construction materials, record and keep the resulting data and sometimes do operate the various equipment and apparatus during the testing activity. I usually prepare and submit daily project reports for work done on site. Participating in Health & Safety responsibilities by following and directing accepted strategies, procedures & instructions. I am rarely charged with the responsibility of writing letters to the clients and consultants when addressing particular issues.

Because of my devotion, determination and expertise in Civil Engineering, I was recommended for employment as Assistant Lecturer with Civil Engineering Department after my graduation. The governing council of my university approved my employment in the July of 2018, after rigorously evaluating my skills and capacity. Since then, I have shown great engagement in my role as an academician and have always been up to expectation. I believe that I would perform competently in your institution and have a good potential in making a valuable contribution to research and development. In my carrier as Assistant lecturer from 2018 to date in the department of civil engineering, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, I have made meaningful contribution to our school and humanity.

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