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Humans must move to a paradigm of growth and consumption due to Paper

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Humans must move to a paradigm of growth and consumption due to the fact that the country or an organization must not be deteriorated with state of dis-improvement which may result to anything falling to a hopeless situation. The de-development would generate one to be limited with growth, opportunities, and success.

The terms de-development, de-growth, and zero growth are unacceptable because it defines as limit to growth or no learning at all, it becomes of insult to an individual whom people will describe as de-growth and zero growth. Although the key to the idea of de-growth is that diminishing utilization does not require individual suffering or a reduction in well-being.

Heidegger advocates a responsibility specified by starting something along its way, which allows the thing to come into presence, to bring out an occasion. One of the problems of technology is that human who uses it becomes technologized. He wants us to perceive that technology creates not only from a sense of “in order to”, but also from a sense of “from out of”. It opens up possibilities which are neither intended nor caused by the act of creation. It will allow people to invest more of their time and effort into things that matter such as caring for their loved ones, growing their own food, nourishing communities, and rebuilding degraded environments.

Chapter 3: The Good Life

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A “good life” is a life that is lived meaningfully with an overall Human purpose. The definition of a good life is very subjective. For most people, it generally includes: Health, Money, Success, Family and friends, Recognition, Responsibility, and Recreation. However, the order in which people prioritize them can be different. Along with it, the underlying element in a good life would be peace of mind, the courage to fight while knowing the chance of failing, and a clean conscience. A good life has many layers depending on who a person is. People decide certain things from the beginning in which they consider a good life. In my opinion, all people try to achieve this certain goal beneath the surface. The meaning of our live is to study, research, reveal and then fulfill this predetermined Human purpose.

According the Aristotle, happiness and having a good life is about virtue. He considers the end of humans to be the good life. According to him, having a good life is having happiness or prosperity which can be accomplished by living a life according to virtue which is achieved by continually living in a virtuous manner or living with high moral standards.

The progress of science and technology in the modern world is considered a movement since it helps future kids to adapt and learn quickly.

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