What Standard Is Used to Define This So-Called Good Life?

Humans believe that living a good life means being rich, successful, traveling the world, or having a healthy lifestyle. However, there is one question that some of us are not sure about the answer: what standard is used to define this so-called good life? In the Greek Philosophy, there is a term that defines the good life.

This is known to be as Eudaimonia, from the root words, eu means good, and daimon means spirit. Combining the root words would give us a meaning which is happiness and welfare.

Aristotles definition of Eudaimonia is simply known as living well and doing well. Living a good life would lead to living a happy life and this is what us humans want to achieve. For us, having a good life means doing anything that makes us happy. This craving for happiness includes satisfying our personal needs and this leads to overconsumption of products. One good example would be the consumption of sugar.

Sugar has been part of our daily living since we humans tend to consume sugar-based products nowadays.

Without sugar, approximately only 20% of food products would remain. Even the foods that we thought are good for a healthy diet also have sugar content. We now live in a world where sugar is needed to satisfy our taste buds. However, overconsumption of sugar is also dangerous for a human being. This leads to illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, and more.

The overproduction of sugar-based products prevents us humans from achieving eudaimonia since we don’t consider the consequences of consuming too much sugar.

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We consume sugar for our convenience and pleasure, and this leads us away from having the “good life”. Most of us know that sugar is bad for our health, but we do nothing about this. We should limit ourselves from consuming of too much sugar since our health also contributes in living well and doing well.

The industries that are part of producing sugar-based products should control the production of these products to help the consumers lessen their consumption of sugar. With this, humans would be able to balance their diet not only with sugar-based products but also with foods that contain protein and carbohydrates such as meat and fish. Humans nowadays rely their diet with products that can be found in the grocery market and most of these products are processed and contain sugar. Thats why the producers of these products should be aware that they are also contributing in consumers unhealthy lifestyle.

The movie That Sugar Film by Damon Garneau serves as an eye-opener for everyone since all of us are consumers of sugar. It shows that an average of 40 teaspoons of sugar a day were consumed by people nowadays, which is too much for having a healthy living. The movie itself is informative and at the same time disturbing because it showed the effects of consuming too much sugar. In their experiment, I realized that sugar is addictive since an individual whos eating a lot of it tends to consume more sugar since they dont feel full at all.

Consumers also feel unsatisfied when they dont eat products that contain sugar. Eating sugar can also affect one’s mental health because according to the experiment, Damon experienced mood swings and this may lead to anxiety. The movie also focuses on the effects on physical health of a person. The consumer, Damon, gained for about 8.5 kilograms for only 2 months an this is very alarming since this can lead to obesity and diabetes.

There is this one place in the movie, Kentucky, where in people in that place consume too much sodas including Mountain Dew. A 17 year old boy who likes mountain dew was not diagnosed with diabetes, however, his teeth are damaged that even an anesthesia could not help in repairing his teeth. What I like about the movie is that they were able to show situations and scenarios on how sugar can affect our health, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The lesson from the movie is that all of us should be aware of what might happen in our health if we are not disciplined with our diet. We should know how to balance what we eat to avoid having problems with our health. We may be satisfied by the good taste of products containing sugar, but if we dont practice eating healthy, then we will not achieve the good life were pursuing.

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What Standard Is Used to Define This So-Called Good Life?
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