Human Negative Impact on Environment and What you can Do

Climate Change

Considering the current situation of the environment we breathe in, ignorance certainly does not seem bliss. One of the most obvious environmental threats is the climate change. Although half of the world does not consider it a threat, climate change is actually very dangerous. It has already been affecting us in forms of heat waves and extreme humidity. Certain areas are experiencing drought or out of the blue storms. These certain climate behaviors have damaged crops and caused certain areas to be scarce of food.

What you can do

There are some small steps which will make you a contributor towards an eco-friendly environment. You can switch to led bulb lights and make sure even they are off when you don’t require the light. Make sure you don’t drive everywhere. Some people like to just get across the road in their car. Plant more forests and eat less meat.


Unfortunately, mankind is responsible for the threats it has created for itself.

Since trees and greenery is a must to stay environmentally healthy, humans have decided to do the exact opposite; a perfect suicide mission. Deforestation has increased largely in a number of areas especially Africa and Central America. The reason trees are essential for the world and for the species is because it provides clean oxygen and is extremely important for the wildlife. But most importantly, it is a protector against the greatest threat: global warming. Another reason for deforestation is that people who only have a business or political view about it prefer wiping the rainforests and selling the timber for profit.

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These are the consequences of being short-sighted you know. Think of the long run, the world will most probably not have a single rainforests in the coming 40 years.

What you can do

Deforestation can be decreased by the power of an individual as well. By the simple act of using recycled paper will do. People individually can grow more trees you know.


Pollution is the most rapid-growing environmental risk amongst others. Everyone has been across some form of it. Whether it is loads of litter on your street or plastic trash on the ocean shore, these are pure forms of evident pollution. The real cause of pollution going out of our hands is that we lack the ability to resist our desires. We throw what gets old and replace them with new ones. This is also the reason why water and air pollution exists as factories are fulfilling the manufactured wishes.

What you can do

There’s a lot to do in this regard. For starters, stop littering. The realization of how much goes to waste while there are people starving for just a glimpse of all that is enough for one to start compensating for it.

Loss of Biodiversity

Each species is somehow affected by the presence of the other. Every living being is somehow connected. So when a certain species becomes extinct, the other faces serious consequences. Even the gradually diminishing of a species can have dangerous effects on the human race. Most of the animals that go extinct are because of humans who force them out of their natural territories. Take bees for instance. Due to the process of pollination, the bees are diminishing. This scarcity of bees has caused several collateral damages on the environment and the food production as well.

What you can do

To be honest, there isn’t much an individual can do. This is where green economy sets in. But as an individual, one can donate to foundations that support animals or species that are on the verge of extinction.

Melting Polar Ice-Caps and Rising Sea Levels

The melting polar ice caps which eventually become the rising sea level are actually an extreme environmental risk. This is because since the sea is raising its level, it’ll obviously take over the land beneath it; which not only includes some small parts of the world but also major cities like New York and London. It is predicted that New York and London will be underwater if nothing is done within the decade.

Oceanic Dead Zones

There are several places in the ocean where marine or any life cannot exist. These places have been called the dead zones. This is because the oxygen present in that part of the ocean isn’t enough to support life. To be exact, there are about 146 dead zones around the globe. The main cause of this is high levels of chemicals that are released in the sea. Furthermore, there are certain dead zones that do not allow fishes to reproduce. This has quite an effect on air pollution and has dangerous effects on human race as well

What you can do

This almost seems impossible but there are proofs of the dead zone being reversible. For example: the black sea dead zone vanished due to the elimination of the use of fertilizers.

Explosive Population Growth

The human population is increasing rapidly. Although this doesn’t seem quite dangerous, but it becomes as soon as it reaches a limit where the system and the world can’t handle. The human race has been consuming all the resources and since the population has increased, the consumption rate has as well. This has led to several severe scarcities of water, food, space, cleanliness and health.

What you can do

The best way to prevent this is to educate people about its consequences.

The Green Economy

The term green environment is referred as an eco-friendly environment that works on improving health and value. A green economy is brought to life by eliminating environmental risks and the threat on ecological scarcities. Green economy is basically the only approach that should be applied on Earth. However, it is now being valued merely because it is the last resort for help, or to be specific, saving the world. The purpose of a green economy is to provide sustainable development without causing any collateral damage. Consider green economy a dream life as it consists of growing income and increased employment rate.

The four characteristics of Green Economy:

Environmental: The environmental green economy takes care of the ecological limits. It makes sure there is low carbon and low emissions.

  1. It works on the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.
  2. The green economy is a resource and energy efficient.
  3. Social: The green economy is socially beneficial because it increases employment rate, jobs, and educational centers for its development.
  4. It increases innovation and advancement of technology.
  5. It eliminates poverty.

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