Hr Management: Dependable Cleaners Case Analysis


Case: Dependable Cleaners

Time Frame:6 Months – 1 year

Statement of the Problem: 1. What are the major HR problems that Marie Luna is facing in this company? 2. What performance management system should Marie adopt for her company? Describe how this system will work. 3. Prepare a performance evaluation form that form that she can use for her service employees. Areas of Consideration: ?The company now has a staff of 420 employees located in different areas ?

There are two shifts for the service employees and supervisors, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm and 4:00 pm – 12:00 midnight.

Both shifts have their similar task given. ?Mr. Luna pays men more than women since he believes that they have families to support, that women have their spouses who contribute to the family income. ?Workers seem to spend a lot of time socializing and smoking outside the building ? If Mr. Luna believes that an employee has done extraordinary job, he would give this employee a cash bonus at the end of the year.

Employees still do not really understand how their performance is measured, what constitutes good performance and how the bonus is decided.

Alternative Courses of Action:

1. Marie needs to provide an equal distribution of salaries based on the task given to them and the number of hours the employees rendered in a service. For example, a laundry service employees whether they are male or female, single or married, have the right to received a justified payment based on the service and time they provide into their company. . Marie needs to provide a business rules and regulations that could strictly be implemented to control the performance of the employees.

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3. Marie must provide a fair and balanced assessment of an employee’s performance annually, semi-annually, quarterly, depending on her preferences 4. Analyze the satisfaction levels and the self-perception of productivity of employees from their business. Increase in satisfaction can lead to increase in productivity. 5.

Marie must learn to communicate organizational goals and objectives, reinforce individual accountability for meeting those goals, track individual and organizational performance results. It involves of planning, coaching and reviews. Recommendation:Marie must provide fair and balanced assessment of employee’s performance and business policies. She must provide business mission, vision, goals and objectives for the succession of their business. She also needs to analyze employees satisfaction, for an increase of satisfaction may lead to increase in productivity.

Conclusion: As an HR manager like Marie, she has responsibility for all of the functions that deals with the needs and activities of the organization’s people including employee’s development, employee relations, performance management, coaching, policy recommendation, salary and benefits etc. The effective Human Resources management is about the clear definition of the goal of the department, the good knowledge about the HR Roles and Responsibilities in the organization and designing the right mix of HR Jobs as the duties can be fulfilled.


Areas of Concern




People Involve

Time Frame

Budget Indicator

1. HR Dept / EmployeesEmployees productivityPerformance rating Performance evaluationManagement Hr Employees SupervisorQuarterlyP30,000100%Supervisors, Managers, HR

2. PoliciesManage and control resources such as people, equipments etc. Implementing Rules and Regulations in all areasProvide necessary rules and regulationHR Management Employees StaffMonthly adjustments if necessaryP10,000100% HR/ Heads

3. Staff

Employee’s Satisfaction for quota achievements made. Service rated by customers and monthly income of a specific business branchBranch Quota provided for service rendered by the group employed for such branchService employees including supervisor, laundry service employees, seamstresses Etc. MonthlyP2,000/Staff100% Area Heads/ HR 4. PayrollTo provide proper distribution of payrollSalary based on minimum wages/ tasks Provide excellentHeads, Accountant HR, All employeesMonthly adjustments if necessaryP10,000100% of accountant

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