How We Won in the Revolutionary War

Failure was not an option for us. The British army was trained and equipped and ready for a battle but we didn’t back down. They underestimated our power and weren’t ready for us to be as powerful was we were. The citizens fought for independence and that is what they got. They fought for their independence and their lance. The patriots became a family during the war. They bonded like a family and formed a bond of brotherhood. When they got to the battle field, they knew what they were fighting for, for their brothers.

As emotions rose, will to fight did as well. The American colonists had advantages that benefited them in their final victory.

The Patriots had the advantage of fighting on their own ground and among a population that was thinly spread over fast territory. When one group of Patriots was defeated by the British in unsuccessful battle, resistance would immediately spring up in another. The men fighting in the war on the side of the British didn’t have the same fervor to fight as did our men.

Our men joined the militias from various communities, showing not only support for the American colonies, but also as a way to defend their own land and local reputations. To further encourage enlistment, we thank you, the Congress, for offering bounties, regular wages, and promises of free land after victory to those who were reluctant to strike. Day by day, our men learned guerilla tactics and other battle methods that helped us succeed.

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We are also very thankful to France and Spain, who allied with us in the war, contributing greatly to our victory.

France provided us with loans and troops to fight this war which Spanish officials provided substantial ammunition and provisions for American forts in the West. During this difficult war, men and women alike, rose up to the challenge of achieving freedom. Women would leave homes, eager to join their husbands, lovers, father and brother in army encampments for support and care and would often times fight alongside these brave men. The colonists truly showed how much independence meant for them, so they set their goals and forced those around them to think seriously about the Revolution, contributing to the unification and commitment that lead to our victory.

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