How We Love to Be Admired

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The following sample essay on how we love to be admired. Whether it’s a compliment on our looks or our achievements, it feels nice to be noticed, but what if the envy that comes with being admired could hurt, or even kill someone? A lifeguard is trained to watch the water for any drowning victims or safety hazards, as well as address those problems when they emerge.. When a lifeguards primary focus is on himself and getting the attention of girls rather than the beach, bad things are bound to happen.

In The Lifeguard by Mary Morris, the lifeguard focuses on his perfect body and the girls around him rather than watching the stretch of beach he is in charge of. The stretch of beach is relatively mild, but gets plenty of traffic. The lifeguard chair was a relatively popular place, especially with the girls.

During the summer, it’s not unusual for teenagers to go to the beach when its nice out.

It’s a fun, free way to spend your time off from school. It’s also a nice place to find potential dates, especially when the lifeguard is attractive. Josh Michaels, the lifeguard at Pirates cove, especially loved the way it (his body) was admired. This shows he was more focused on how the girls at the beach admired him than he was focused on doing his job. He envied in being the best looking guy on the beach, even exclaiming that old guys wanted to be me, and the girls wanted to have me.

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Josh uses his status as a lifeguard to get the envy and attention of all the girls, but becomes so disillusioned that he is unable to perform his job well. He even states that your eyes should be out at sea. His lack of professionalism is surprising, considering that throughout the story he tells the reader what a lifeguard should and shouldn’t do. Josh is all bark and no bite, living the good life with all of the girls while he hopes that everything on the beach is ok without him, but unfortunately it isn’t.

A good lifeguard should be prepared to deal with even the simplest of lifesaving tasks, such as saving someone from drowning, or performing the heimlich maneuver. Josh’s biggest fear is that there will be a drowning victim on his watch. He is fascinated with the drowning of Billy Mandel; the only recorded drowning in Pirates Point. Ric; a patron and former lifeguard at the beach, always tells the story to Josh. In a way, Ric is foreshadowing what Josh will become in life, as he would leave his family to go have a conversation with Josh and Reminisce about the times when he used to lifeguard. Furthermore, just like when Ric had problems arise when he was a lifeguard, the same thing happens to Josh, only Josh doesn’t remember his training enough to be of any assistance. Instead, Mrs Lovenheim steps in to save the child. Josh admits that he didn’t know what to do, and then proceeds to cry on her front porch. Mrs. Lovenheim is expressed as superior to Josh throughout the story, as she keeps a watchful eye on him while shes there, and eventually saves the child from choking after he failed to resuscitate it.

When the toddler was choking, Josh went from being on top of the world to experiencing the worst moment of his life. The event makes him realize what is really important in life, and that he needs to give himself a reality check. As a lifeguard, he is responsible for the lives of everyone on the beach, and losing control of such a simple event by not being able to perform the heimlich maneuver is embarrassing. A child could have died due to his lack of training, which not only would have affected him, but the parents lives forever. The Mandels represent what could have happened, and that history was about to repeat itself. The Mandela tragedy shows the scars that would be inflicted if the toddler died, but Mrs Loverheim acts as the protector of the beach, and stepped in to save the dying child. It’s cool to be the most attractive guy on the beach, but always be prepared to do what your there for.

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