How To Stay Safe While Wielding

The following sample essay on Paragraph How To Stay Safe While Wielding. When wielding, you would want to have all of the equipment gathered together In front of you. Also make sure that you have glove that is Intact for use. Secondly, you should turn the fire source to a medium temperature, Just to warm It up. If smoke starts to come from the fire place, then It has already been warmed up. After all of that Is done, take an extended vice grip, grip your metal piece, and set over the fire.

Wait until metal starts to look red. When It’s hot, that Is when you can take it out and start to form it. You can form it by beating it with a hammer. Certain strokes of the hammer will flatten, curve, or twist the metal. At a period of time, the metal will start to cool from lack of heat.

You could hold it back over the fire until hot again, but the fixtures of the metal might change.

The only way to keep them formed is to keep that process of heating the metal and beating until a satisfied form. Finally, after forming the metal the last thing you would want to do is cool the metal. By putting it in room temperature water, you cool the metal. The water has to be in a wide and deep container that is heat safe to prevent melting of any material. After it is done cooling for at least ten minutes, the metal is safe to touch without gloves and you also have a fine wielded piece.

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