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How to Start an Essay

Start Writing an Essay: Table of Content

How to start an essay? The question is far more than controversial among students as they aim to write an entertaining and informative paper. No matter what type of essay you need to write, synthesis essay or not, the introduction should be present. We cannot exaggerate the importance of the first paragraph as it makes the first impression of the whole paper; that is why you have to be hard at work and make this impression positive.

The biggest mistake is to think that the most significant part of the essay is main body. Some students are sure that if the main content is effective, the intro can be primitive. We invoke to believe you that your reader will not pass on the second part if your beginning is tedious and monotonous.

Surfing the Internet, we can come across various examples of the introductory paragraph. Some scholars advise to start college essay with the funny story; others are sure that the introduction should be scientific and restrained. Which hypothesis should we follow? In order to break your hesitation, we prepared the unique strategies and methods that can help you cope with this complicated task. Be sure to get up to date and relevant information that is essential for the successful result.

Tips for Start Writing Your Essay

The effective and professional start of your paper is a first reason for high scores

Here you can get acquainted with the key things that your introduction should comprise. Moreover, we offer you the methods that can be suitable for different essay types. You will understand how to start an essay.

1. Be an attention grabber

If the introduction is interesting for you, it doesn’t mean that your reader has the same opinion. Apparently, if they are bored with the beginning, they will not read the rest of the paper. Perhaps, you think that your first sentence can be not up to par but the following – excellent. Forget about such mistaken thought. You have to think about your college essay destiny and how to start an essay from the very beginning.

You may have a wide choice of possible variants. You can start the paper with fascinating and unique fact that nobody has heard. Such hook will attract them to learn more about this unknown thing.

In connection with the fact that you are the master of creation, you might also start your paper with vivid memory, of course, if it suits your content. Such positive picture will encourage people to keep reading the article.

2. Guide your reader to the essay climax

Of course, the task is to hook your target audience; but do not misuse it as wordage or convoluted attention grabber can make your main goal of introduction transparent. You should logically connect the beginning with the main problem of the essay. For instance, you devote your hook to the funny quotation about the alcohol, so, the following sentence should hint the readers that the rest of the paper is about the influence and place of the alcohol in the human life. Try to state your idea in the very beginning of the text. Such method will keep the target audience intense and help not lose the main thread of the paper.

3. Depict the main idea of the essay

In connection with the fact that there are different types of essay, your readers will have the opportunity to realize what is the primary purpose of your creation. After hook sentence, we highly recommend you to illustrate whether your paper will indicate some new phenomena, persuade about the general knowledge, or change reader’s mind about some issue. It is an important thing, as the reader will realize if the text deserves their attention from the very beginning.

4. Set the tone

How to start an essay friendly? A tone of the speech is the manner or voice of the writer. With the help of different words, phrases, and literary devices you encourage or discourage audience to read your paper. The introduction is not an unusual part that is why its tone should be pleasant and appropriate for your essay. Small tip for you: despite the type of text you should be friendly with readers and invoke them to believe that your essay deserves their attention.

If you are writing about the harm of pollution, be creative and present this theme in such way that will make it interesting for people of different age. It is a type of forbidden thing to say that your paper is about boring and not up to date issue.

5. The shorter, the better.

This rule works for all types of writing. If you are master of the word and even if not, you should try to be clear and precise. We mean that it is better to convey the subject in five rather than six sentences. Do not create wordage introduction as it will make your reader boring. You can use simple everyday words to make your content well-understood for everybody. Your main mission is to write informative and attractive essay beginning. Do not make it too short and illogical as it will discourage people to read the following parts.

How to start an essay of different types?

1. Argumentative essay

If you write an argumentative essay, we highly recommend you to include to your introduction argument and your point of view that you can present and describe in the following paragraphs. You may start with the question that reveals the main argument of the paper.

2. Creative writing.

Such type of essay is especially interesting as here you may write something unusual about your life or inner world. That is why you should not meet difficulties while writing an introduction. The main reason for it is that you need to grab the reader attention and present them such fact that will keep them astonished through each paragraph of your writing.

3. Entertainment writing

When you write a film review or book report you have to include to your introduction the pinpoint idea that shows the general view of the text.

4. Scientific papers

To tell the truth, there is no place for humor and fun in technical documentation and scientific papers. Their primary purpose is to inform readers about important topic and issue. So, you have to write the intro using formal style. Try to avoid jokes and other things that don’t relate to the formal writing.

Journalistic style

When you write the article, which somebody will publish, you have to address to critical fact beforehand. Your introduction should be descriptive not argumentative or persuasive. The main aim of a journalist is to write such conclusion that allows the reader to understand the central issue from the headline and first paragraph.

Writing strategies to start of essay

Start with any part

As a rule, we write the introduction first. There are moments when it is troublesome as we have no ideas that can be a core of the first part. Nevertheless, we know how to help you. We highly recommend not to limit creativity and your imagination. Feel free and start your essay with main body or conclusion. As a rule, it gives writer opportunity to collect thoughts and organize the subsequent writing. Your goal is to use various methods to gain the successful result.

Write down all ideas

Do you want to write the effective and informative introduction? Brainstorm all possible variants. We invoke you to devote some time and choose the best idea for the intro from the list of possible options. As a rule, when we plan writing, we have many suggestions, but when it comes to starting everything disappears. In order not to lose key thing we recommend you to write it and decide whether it suits your essay.

Revise and proofread

Do not underestimate this part of writing. You have to polish your text and fix all types of mistakes. Even the professional writer cannot write perfectly from scratch, and the first draft always contains mistakes. That is why devote the time to scanning your paper. Try to indicate whether your introductory paragraph makes a good impression. Imagine yourself the reader and decide whether you would read the paper with such beginning. In most cases, it helps the writer improve the intro.

Ask your friend or mom about testimonial

It is an experiment that always brings a positive result. Ask a person who is not interested in your paper to read it and express the opinion. It will help you make corrections and avoid tedious moments. They will describe the quality of the essay.

So, focus your attention on our tips as they will make the writing process interesting and easy. Use the best strategies and improve your scores. Now you know how to start an essay and you can know how to end an essay.

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