How to Build Customer Loyalty at Christmas

Its important for all companies to show their customers that they care at all times of the year. However, the Christmas period presents a special opportunity to really drill home why your customers should do business with you and how grateful you are for their support throughout the year. Here are our tips to building customer loyalty at Christmas that lasts into next year. Gift Giving You’ve had an amazingly successful year – one of your best yet. Now it’s time to give back.

We send gifts to our loved ones at Christmas, so don’t forgot to send them to the clients we love too! If you have a loyalty scheme, drop them a small bonus or some extra points based on their dealings with you throughout the year. If not, send them special discount codes in the form of gift vouchers. B2B Company? No problem, you can send your key contacts a small Christmas hamper or a bottle of Christmas wine.

Be sure to find out what your clients interests are to really add the personal touch. Personalised cards In a world of mass produced email, the power of the personal touch is extremely underrated. This infographic from Orbital Print shows that personalisation matters to 74% of your clients. Never underestimate the personal touch. You can send a handmade, personalised Christmas card or calendar. It’s best to steer well clear of anything pre-printed or generic – you can even hand write the card yourself, (yes, using a pen; remember those?).

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Depending on what industry you are in you can’t go wrong with a personalised promotional product. Give them a Head Start Your existing customers should be at the top of the list whenever you roll out a new product. If you’re planning anything significant at the start of the year, get your existing customers in on the act first and foremost.

Mailing out exclusive deals to newsletter subscribers or giving them early access to a sale, new product line or other offer on your ecommerce site will help reward and encourage loyalty. Take your customers for a Christmas drink Some companies can be accused of being a bit ‘too rigid’ or ‘corporate.’ If it’s appropriate, invite some clients out for a Christmas catch up and get to know them on a personal level. This might not be practical for an online store with thousands of projects, but B2B business is a people business. Just don’t go overboard. If you keep it professional and go easy on the eggnog, you’ll build a much stronger bond with your client. Christmas is the ideal time to show your customers how much you value your customers. Showing some good will at this time is the perfect way to see out the end of the year on a high and head into the New Year with renewed, strong and positive relationships with your clients.

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