How to Achieve a Healthy and Happy Marriage in Happiness in Marriage by Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger was the original feminist. She popularized birth control and advocated its used for unplanned pregnancies. In her work, Happiness in Marriage, she writes about the definition of marriage and how to achieve a healthy and happy one. Sangers definition of marriage is ”The union of two strong and highly individualized natures” (pg. 1). Her advice is that the newlywed’s should spend time together before maternity in order to better understand each other. Today, the definition of marriage is largely the same, an intimate union between two people, thus Margaret’s advice, for the couple to spend time together before maternity still applies.

Many view marriage as becoming one, but this is not the case. it is not about becoming one but arranging one’s life in order to complement the other.

When one gets married one has to make adjustments to satisfy the needs of their partner, these adjustments take time, but according to Sanger, “harmony must grow and discords gradually disappear” (pg.

1). By taking time to learn about each other the young couple will grow together. Early pregnancy does not allow the spiritual connection of two partners to take place. During the early years of marriage, the couple usually prefer to work. Maternity means that the wife must give up her career and raise the child.

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If the wife if forced to quit her work she may resent the coming of the baby. However, when better conditions prevail, financially and emotionally, shw will gladly give up her work to raise the child.

Today courtship rituals are different but Sanger’s advice still applies. Most couples today are getting married after years of spending time together. According to journalist Meredith Lepore, “89% of couples live together before walking down the aisle” (Leopre). The average age of marriage today is higher than it was in Sanger’s time. During Sanger’s time couples wed, spent time together, and then conceived a child. In modern times, couples first spend time together, wed. then conceive a child. Her advice still applies today because the time the couple spends together is before pregnancy. Margaret Sanger was a visionary, she popularized birth control. Sanger gave advice on how to achieve a healthy and happy marriage. Her advice for newlyweds of spending time together before marriage still applies today.

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