How the Guillotine Became the Jacobin Regime's Trademark

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The Jacobins are the regime that ruled France by terror From early June 1793 until late July 1794. To some they are to be praised, to others, they are hated upon and justifiably. Albert Mathiez (1874-1932), depicts Maximilien Robespierre [the leader of the Jacobins as a hero, But, on the other hand, Alphonse Aulard (1849-1928) suggests that Danton was a martyr. Taking into consideration the commodious deaths that the Jacobins are responsible for it is hard to believe one would praise Robespierre. The Jacobins ruled by terror, others did not belie them for fear of death, and those who did often were guillotined.

The Guillotine became a Jacobin trademark; in fact, the way the Jacobins stayed in power as long as they did was by executing the opposition. The Girondins in particular suffered the guillotine in immeasurable amounts. Al that apposed to the Jacobins were subject to fatal consequences. The Jacobins had supreme power and abused it. They are responsible for many deaths, massacres, and assassinations.

Whether the Jacobins invited liability for these plotted murders, they were always tied to mass killings. No more than one-third of all victims were nobles, clergy, or rich commoners. Just over one-third were property-owning peasants or lower-middle-class townsmen, and just under one-third from the urban working class, The Jacobins killed indiscriminately The Jacobins became carried away with power and after a short while was out of control, their actions made this clear. Robespierre the proud leader of the Jacobins sent many to their death by Guillotine, The Guillotine, however, would take Robespierre’s life by order of the Jacobins.

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The above facts are all proof of how the Jacobins were a group of terrorists and a source of evil, no better than the worlds current day terrorist groups.

The world of politics is much like sports. I is one thing to have a great team, and battle to claim a championship, however itis still a possibility to win the championship with 4 team that is not so strong, the way to do this however is only to have weak competition. In short, this is much of an explanation of how the Jacobins came into power and remained there.

The Jacobins possessed the powerful tool of intimidation. All were intimidated by the fact if they spoke against the Jacobins there was a good chance they would be guillotined. Because the people knew that they were going to be killed if they did speak against Jacobin ruling or protest in anyway it did not happen much. This was a key aspect of the Jacobins rule in Government. If nobody would die for their beliefs who was to rise against the Jacobins? Whether justified or not the Jacobins would kill to show that they were not afraid to, and that there would be no exceptions and for this they were not pressed against very often.

However, every political group has a rival just like sports. There was the Jacobins, and there was the Girondins, Although itis said by historians that the leaders of both these groups had similar views on topics they were constantly in conflict with each other. The Jacobins would not put up with an uprising against them. they fought a good hard fight until the Jacobins used the kings tril to put the leading Girondins in the wrong and, pressed hard by the Paris se ns, had them purged in June 1793 and executed  in October.

They Jacobins would also kill common people, and make claims that these people were uprising against them. The Jacobins would make the execution of these innocent people into a show to let everybody know that if they were to try anything like this they would also be killed. Going to court and pleading innocent for a small crime in front of a Jacobin government and coming out with your life was nearly impossible. Much of the jury was made up of Jacobins themselves. It is said that jurors would not even try to seek out the truth and passed the time sketching the viims of this unfair government. There are many cases of people being charged for small crimes actually taking their own lives realizing that they stood no chance against the Jacobin jury in court.

Clement Charles Francois de LAverdy (1724-93), the controller general of finances from 1763 to 1768, now seventy years old, was tried for the crime of throwing wheat, the peoples food, into a pond on a property he had not visited for years. The remarks he made in his own defense were pointed, intelligent, and utterly convincing, but he was judged guilty and executed on 23 November 1793 Rather than face such a nightmare many prisoners took their own lives, as Etienne Claviere did with a knife on 8 December 1793, Jacques Roux with a knife on 10 February 1794, and Condorcet probably with poison. Three Girondins Petion, Buzot, and Barbaroux shot themselves in the fields near saint Emilion to escape the executionBarboroux not quite dead was found and dragged of to the guillotine

The Jacobins stayed in power by eliminating the opposition, killing innocent people, and killing anybody who made the attempt of an uprising or spoke against the Jacobin ruling at all. The courts were bias towards Jacobin rule and often sent innocent people to their death by guillotine, It was one thing to have a good government and be elected to rule in a proper fashion. The Jacobin way however was nothing like this they simply ruled by killing off the
competition, By doing this itis apparent that the Jacobins used terror and are simply a group of terrorists.

Let us use terror This is a quote from Robespierre and is the common feeling, throughout the Jacobin club. Terror was instilled in the common people and nobody was safe from the Jacobins. Those who rose against were executed and some who were even on the Jacobins side were still executed. Everybody had a reason to be sacred, but Robespierre never dreamt he would have a reason to fear the Jacobins.

The Jacobins almost absolute power would see the end of them. The Jacobins killed upper class, middles class, even peasants indiscriminately. They killed many people whether it was because of a crime or if it was just to set an example. The Jacobins had some allies in their time as the ruler of France but most of them they would kill off most of them whether it was cogent or not.

Near the fall of the Jacobins, the club was slowly splitting many turned on each other and killed fellow Jacobins by guillotine. With less and less men the Jacobins were becoming less powerful and more prone to an uprising. The power of the Jacobins had gotten the best of them and they were out of control as they were form the start. They eventually killed off their own leader. This however, was after Robespierre had been shot in the jaw, which is still
unknown today whether it was a suicide attempt or someone had actually shot him. He was dragged off to the guillotine and executed a direct order form the Jacobins, this pretty much was the end of the Jacobins.

The Jacobins power was unconfined and out of control. Killing became something that was no longer done to keep people in line. The Jacobins had at first killed unjustifiably, near the end of their rule they were killing uncontrollably and this caused them to self destruct. When power is exploited and abused such as this, the outcome is catastrophic
Many terrorists today use money as power and exploit it by buying weapons to ill innocent people, much like the Jacobins.

Terrorists often gain power through fear, and do this by taking lives of innocent people. This is very similar to how the Jacobins stayed in power for over a year. The effect of this was that many many people died, whether innocent, or guilty, people were sent to be guillotined without a fair trial.

The Jacobins are responsible for a vast amount of lives that were lost due to their pro guillotine actions, and their mockery of the courts.

The first trial began on 6 April..n its first six months it sentenced only 70 people to death. By the end of the year, however, it had guillotined more than 500, and by the end of July 1794, when the dictatorship was overthrown, the score was at 2,700.

The courts played a very big part in the deaths of the people. During the time of the Jacobin dictatorship, many of the deaths were form the guillotine that the Jacobins adored. However, the guillotine was not the only thing killing of people enormous amounts. Riots, and massacres broke out often claiming the lives of the rich the poor and political officers.

The September massacres claimed the lives of many in a disgusting is play of violence. On 2nd September, 300 priests and debtors were put to death at the Carmelite. Less than a thousand rioters took charge in this massacre which makes it hard to understand why authorities did not assume a role in the defense of the innocent people whom died that day. Whether the Jacobins were involved directly or indirectly they had a part to play in these massacres, which leaves them responsible for many more lives then just the ones they took by guillotine.

Successes were won by the terrorizing of millions of people. The Jacobins arrested many, massacred 100,000 or more, and executed approximately fifteen or sixteen thousand after the revolutionary mock trials.

The Jacobins ruled with the tool of intimidation and abused it well. They were a smart club that worked with peoples greatest fears, which was death. By doing so they became very powerful and strong. People feared the Jacobins and they abused their power in a way that is unlike any other. Killing was a daily task, the guillotines blade slide up and down in syne with the second hand on the clock. Everybody had a reason to be scared, The Jacobins were not after any group or class, they killed indiscriminately.

As a terrorist would the Jacobins took lives they had no right to end. In an abominable display they made a fool of the justice system. People going to court to plead innocent did not have a chance and many killed themselves before facing the courts which leaves an immeasurable amount of lives that the Jacobins are responsible for but are not accounted for. The jury was often made up of Jacobins who would draw sketches of the people about to be sent to the guillotine and would not even listen to the trial. This was an unfair way of running a trial and the Jacobins were quite aware.

Aware of their own actions they were also very quick to point the finger. In a speech Robespierre blames much of the problems on the Girondins. so no one dare to name them traitors? Well then for the safety of the people, I will name them. Robespierre was quick to claim Brissot a Girondin leader a the murderer of fredoom. Who is Robespierre to make this comment? Also Robespierre is killing innocent people, corrupting trials, killing opposition and is responsible for so many deaths, what kind of freedom are the Jacobins providing?

The actions that the Jacobins took during the revolution and as ruler for just over a year are simply appawling. There was corruption, innocent lives being taken, and gruesome displays of violence, taking all into consideration, one would have to believe that the Jacobins were simply no better than terrorist.

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