How Second Great Awakening Is Difference From First and Its Effect.

In US history, religion historically has great among of powers that allow them to carry out an enormous role within their countries politics in the medieval time periods. However, there wouldn’t be this numerous supporter and diversity if Great Awakening never occurred in the pasts. But they have also lost their voice in the political decision as a result. Great Awakening is known for its religious revival movements. It usually occurs when the church tries to get more people to participate and be religious activists.

It can also be seen as the church needed money from the supporters to pay for all their fees for construction of new churches and pay its employees. During the Great Awakening, a certain social, racial or ethnic group is more likely to become the targeted of the church. For both First and Second, more women are converted by the churches because they have more free time than their husband out doing work. In this paper, I will introduce both the First and Second Great Awakening and evaluate the impact of the Second Great Awakening on America’s economy during the nineteenth centuries.

During 1730, the First Great Awakening occurred and swept through the American Colonies with the idea that one should leave the past and start a new relationship with God. This is caused by the separation of politics and religion. That church can no longer interfere with the political decision. It is also fighting against the traditional idea that is getting old, and it is causing fewer to be active with their religion.

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Another important cause of the First Great Awakening was Enlightenment (the age of reasons) at that time period because there is no proof that God exists beside words on the Bible. This created the new belief lead by the revivalist that embraces the idea on use logic and reasons in their life other than trying to please God. That is why some of the powerful Evangelist (people who publicly preach the gospel) came to America from England and help the spread of the revival movement. One of these evangelists is “GEORGE WHITEFIELD’, who ‘was a minister from Britain who toured the American colonies. “He is an open-air preacher and drew a tremendous crowd to his speeches. This caused more people in the colonies to join the revivalist. These revival movements caused diversity to occur and formed two groups. The new light is for those who converted to the idea that decisions should be made based on logic and reasons (revivalist). The Old Lights are those who resisted the First Great Awakening and still believe their decisions should be made based on their faith (traditionalist).

The Second Great Awakening occurred during the early 19th century and it is also a historical period of religious revivals that happened about a hundred years after the First Great Awakening. This awakening is more than just religious changes. There are social, economic, political and cultural changes as well. For example, the female involvement, Abolishing of Slaves, Temperance movement, and industrial transportation can all be part of the changes that is led by the Second Great Awakening. One of the most significant ideas that are started by the Second Great Awakening is camp meetings that a preacher will try to convert his audience in a speech that he/she delivers. Their goal is to deliver people a good conversion experience so more people will follow their friend and participate as well. A reason that people participate in the first place is entertainment because at the time period there is no internet or technology to entertain people after their works. Some of the new ideas introduced are people should include God in their everyday lives and must reject the skeptical rationalism that threatens traditional beliefs. In the Second Great Awakening, the number of female conversions outnumbered male conversion because of Cult of domesticity (the True Womanhood). According to the Cult of Domesticity, women are expected to carry out the role as housewives that cooking, cleaning and taking care of babies. This gives women free times after they are done with their tasks that they are expected to do. But, their participation didn’t go wasting because it fueled women’s rights movements. It is also extended to all races that helped fueled the abolishment of slavery.

Even though both the First and Second Great Awakening is for the religious purpose of persuading more people to be converted and be active with their religion. Both have more women and it can seem to be the reason that women are the one who is going to take care of the emerging generation and they can introduce generation after generation into churches as long as the trend persists. But there is a vast difference is in its size of influence and its later effects on the countries. A size difference between the first and second great awakening is the First Great Awakening is typically located in England and American colonies. While the Second Great Awakening is mostly located in America after the revolutionary war. Another difference between the First and Second Great Awakening can be the first Awakening is more about making a change in religious belief, while in the Second Great Awakening we can see social, ethnic, economic and racial changes. However, we can tell is that the first great awakening leads the Second Great Awakening to occur because of the creation of New Light that allows people to embrace reason and logic to their everyday lives. It helped to establish schools and universities to educate people. The education will later trigger the industrial revolution that develops new technology, as well as new jobs. It also impacted women’s status within the society along with the abolishment of slaves.

One of the direct impacts of the Second Great Awakening on the economy is the industrial revolution that occurred in the first half of the nineteenth century. This is the cause of the ideological belief that people should act for themselves instead of pleasing a God because now people begin to work for reasonable wages. During the Industrial Revolution new technology is introduced to people and created new jobs, more luxury goods, and different types of commodities. One prime example of a new type of job created is in textile mills that allows young women to work in their factories. At the time these are considered as a good working place because the young women’s food and shelter are all covered by the factory. Other than created jobs, goods are getting cheaper because of the invention of the railroad, steamboat, and canals. These allow cheaper and faster transportation across states or countries for valuable goods and valuable resources. It also benefits America urban and rural area because now urban can gets their food cheaper and fresher than before. While rural can expands their private plantation and sells more for profits. Another important invention is the telegraph because before the invention of the telegraph it may take weeks or months until a letter can reach its destination. Now people can exchange information in just a few seconds. Other than exchanging information telegrapher is needed for sending and receiving telegraphic messages. Women are typically picked to fill these roles as a telegrapher.

In conclusion, I have learned that the First Great Awakening is more localized while the Second Great Awakening is the whole of America. But both are the revival movement of Christian belief on the gospel of Gods. There are religious changes and there is new religion branched out that possess a conflicting idea on their religious beliefs. I have also learned that First Great Awakening, that created the new Light which separates itself from the Old Light, is caused by Enlightenments. Second Great Awakening created economic changes like the industrial revolution than allowed inventions of technology like railroads and telegraphy that allows easy and faster transportation of valuable goods and messages within America. It also created job opportunities that later fueled women’s right movements.

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