How Meditation Became a Part of the Mainstream?

Meditation can be a good practice for everyone. It helps us to understand our mind. It helps us to overcome the past. It transfers our mind from stressful to relaxing, from unhappy to happy, from hatred to love. Meditation really makes me feel good after a hard time from school. Sometimes I feel that there is not enough time for me to do anything, to finish anything and this makes me really stressed. Some people think that we don’t have time to study so how we can even have time to meditate.

I think they are really wrong.

Meditation can help us get away stress and stay focused on what we want to do. I have tried to practice this just a few days, but I can tell that I feel more peaceful in mind. Before doing meditation, I thought that it was easy to do. All we have to do is sit there, doing nothing and not thinking about anything.

However, it is really not easy. While doing meditation, I just keep thinking about everything that happened during that day. Even though I know that I should focus on the breath, it is really hard to do.

After a few days of practicing, I could do it better than the first time, but I still need to practice more on how to stay focused on the breath. Except for the time that I have been practicing during class time. It has been difficult for me to find a good time to meditate every day.

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Every day I am at school mostly and there are a lot of people around. Therefore, the only time that I can meditate is at night. I tried to meditate 5 minutes every day. When I had more time, I did 10 minutes a day. I hope that some days I can meditate up to 30 minutes or an hour to really experience the difference between the meditation and after the meditation.

Meditation is not what I imagined it to be. For people with many thoughts in their head, it is hard for them to get away their thoughts. If they try not to think about it. They will get a headache and this is not a meditation. Meditation is that when I sit there, close my eye and thoughts that I have been created in my head just disappear without trying to find a way to make it disappear. I have tried to meditate before, but it doesn’t seem right, so I just gave up. That experience is not similar to this. Before, I didn’t try to figure out what mediation is. Thus, everything that I did was wrong. After I really experienced the real meditation and practiced it, I think what people say about meditation is right. It can help us overcome stress, feel relaxed, and have peace of mind.

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