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HOW IT WORKS ? Figure 1 how it works1CAD Produce a 3D Paper

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Figure 1 how it works


Produce a 3D model using computer-aided design (CAD) software.The software maybe can give some clues as to the structural integrity you can expect in a finished product .

Besides that,when using scientific data about specific material to create a virtual simulations of how the object will behave under certain conditions.

2.Conversion to STL

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Convert the CAD drawing to the STL format. STL, which is an acronym for standard tessellation language, is a file format developed for 3D Systems in 1987 for use by its stereolithography apparatus (SLA) machines [source: RapidToday.com]. Most 3-D printers can use STL files in addition to some proprietary file types such as ZPR by Z Corporation and ObjDF by Objet Geometries.

3.Transfer to AM Machine and STL File Manipulation.

A user copies the STL file to the computer that can controls the 3-D printer.the user can designate the size and orientation for printing. This is similar to 2-D printing which can print 2-sided or in landscape versus portrait orientation.

4.Machine Setup

Every machine has their own requirements to prepare for a new print job. This includes refilling the polymers, binders and other consumables the printer will use. It also covers adding a tray to serve as a foundation or adding the material to build temporary water-soluble supports.


The build process is mostly automatic. Each layer is usually about 0.1 mm thick, though it can be much thinner or thicker [source: Wohlers]. its also depend on the object’s size, the machine and the materials used, this process could take hours or even days to complete. Make sure always check on the machine periodically to make sure there are no errors.


Remove the printed object (or multiple objects in some cases) from the machine. Make sure to take any safety precautions to avoid injury with wearing gloves to protect yourself from hot surfaces or toxic chemicals.

7.Post Processing

Many 3-D printers will require some amount of post-processing for the printed object. This including brushing off any remaining powder the printed object to remove water-soluble supports. The new print may be weak during this step since some materials require time to cure, so caution because that necessary to ensure that it doesn’t break or fall apart.


Using newly printed object or objects (Life of 3D printer – How 3D Printers Work – How does a 3d Printer work step by step, 2019).



Architects can also use 3D printing for creating 3D building or house in matters of hours.In the past,it could take months to complete.For example in LGM company are currently based on modeling and CAD resources .Starting from composite concept models and ending with a colouful landscape model.

Figure 2 architecture building 3D printer

2.Music Industry

Nowadays, musicians around the world also using 3D printing as a cheap way to get a high- quality original instruments. The basic of this technology is individual hardness variability of various sections of a solid alloy, as well as high precision printing (up to 50 ?m).We should point out a metal saxophone printed by Olaf Diegel’s fan .After his pervious experiment with Duraform nylon guitar and drum set .This instrument was printed by using ITRI’S Optical Engine and a titanium alloy powder.

Figure 3 saxophone 3D Printer

3.Food Industry

Nowadays, chef and restaurants are just fans with Foodini which is 3D food printing kitchen appliance that enable you to personalize food and improve kitchen efficiency. Foodini is an innovation that we used just like microwave in the next five years. Natural Machines engineers provided it with an open capsule model that makes this appliance more convenient and multipurpose than competitors’ devices (Who Really Uses 3D Printing and Why, 2019).

Figure 4 Foodini 3D Food Printer


A) Easier designs

Normal printer

• Normal printer is the easier option that you can quickly design, something popular design software like photoshop the print it.

3D printing

• Engineer who are trained on design with focus on 3D have been useful in creating product and difference apps are already use to design product for 3D printing.

B) Medical use

Normal printer

• The technology is more meaningful and can solve the solutions that different industries have been trying to achieve for many years.

3D printing

• It can help saving many people lives.

• It also can used in human tissue engineering where body parts can be printed to make difference in situation that can effect the patient’s life.

c) Material and methods

Normal printing

• Use toner or ink while printing on paper.

• The ink is needed to transfer the image to a hard copy an image that is stored on a computer.

3D printing

• Do not use ink.

• Use different types of raw material, it is because they are not merely used in creating 2 D but an actual copy of the render.

• Differences types of material could be used like plastic, metals or concreate (2D vs 3D Printing, 2018).


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