How Important it is for Your Child to Get Vaccinated

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It was also pointed out that in California that it is the law that all children must be vaccinated for them to attend school. Most parents don’t feel comfortable with the idea of their children getting vaccinated, so they just decide to home-school them instead. “Three years ago, Lee decided to home-school her daughter London, now 7, instead of complying with the state’s vaccination laws”. “California became a state where they force vaccination and Lee was totally against getting her daughter vaccinated”.

“In 2016 California implemented one of the strictest immunization laws in the country requiring that all children be up to date on their shots to attend school unless a doctor says otherwise”. “The law however doesn’t apply to children who are home-schooled, a loophole that parents seem to be increasingly exploiting”. “Over the last three years, the number of kindergartners who were home-schooled and did not have their shots quadrupled, according to a Times analysis of state data”.

“Dr. James Cherry says that “though most of their schooling may take place at home, many are part of programs that meet several times a week with other students”. “If one contracted a disease such as measles, they could still spread it at the park, or the grocery store, or anywhere they come into contact with other people”. “It is unclear whether parents are opting for home schooling solely because they want to avoid vaccines, or if they are choosing to home-school for other reasons and also happen to not want to vaccinate their children”.

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“Regardless, there are now thousands of home-schooled children all over the state who do not have their shots — a number that keeps rising every year”. “The first successful vaccine came out in the 1790s”. “By the twentieth century more successful vaccine had come out to help with many diseases”. “It is required by law in all 50 states that infants and children are to get vaccinated and that it helps with their immune system”. “So many parents feel that there are so many health risks by getting their children vaccinated that some choices not to.” “Due to potential health risks associated with vaccines, they should be permitted to decide if or when to vaccinate their child”. “Others argue that granting exemptions from vaccination puts public health at risk and could lead to a resurgence of dangerous diseases like measles or whooping cough”.

‘For years, the anti-establishment Five Star Movement has spread confusion about vaccines”. “Its co-founder raised links between vaccines and autism”. “Its political leader campaigned against a law making vaccines obligatory: “ On Thursday [Sept. 20, 2018], as school began this past week around Italy, the Five Star Movement and its coalition partner, the League, passed a measure that allows children to stay in school as long as their parents attest that they have been vaccinated, or will be by March”. “No doctor’s note is required”. “Critics consider the decree a dangerous, and purely political, a measure that creates chaos in the school system, increases the risk to classmates with autoimmune deficiencies and tempts a public health crisis”. “That’s why is a must for children that are in school to be vaccinated so that when they get sick, that way they won’t give it to other kids that be around them”. “Critics consider the decree a dangerous, and purely political, a measure that creates chaos in the school system, increases the risk to classmates with autoimmune deficiencies and tempts a public health crisis”.

“Only a year ago, the number of measles cases in Italy climbed to 5,006 in 2017, from 843 in 2016. Last year, Italy had Europe’s third-highest per capita rate of measles after much-poorer Romania and Greece. Mexico has recommended that its citizens be vaccinated before traveling to Italy”.

Children should get vaccinated because “In 2014, the CDC reported 667 cases of measles in 27 states _ a record since 2000. “Much of this is due to the reductions in vaccinations”. “According to a 2014 study in the American Journal of Public Health, between 2009 and 2013, nonmedical exemptions, personal objections or religious exemptions for school immunizations increased by 19 percent”. “The numbers keep rising because parents don’t get their children vaccinated like they should or think it’s too risky for them and they also think that by their children not getting vaccinated that it’s helping them by in all realty it’s not”. “ While many parents claim not to be anti-vaccine, they still employ a precautionary, or ‘better safe than sorry,’ policy toward vaccines _ saying they’d rather not inoculate their children for fear that some of the rumors, no matter how many times they have been debunked, are true”. “That lays bare the irony: It is often the parents who are the most concerned–one could even say obsessed–with their child’s health and well-being that make the risky decision to render their child defenseless against diseases that cripple, maim and even kill”. “Vaccines have been one of the most important public health interventions ever developed”. “As a new study notes, past analyses have estimated that the childhood immunization schedule prevents 42,000 deaths and 20 million cases of disease—and that’s only for the kids born in a single year”. “The estimated savings is currently at $14 billion a year”. “California among 20 other states that allow children to still go to school without getting vaccinated because it’s a personal belief exemption”. “The personal belief exemption is when a parent can file a notice that they have a personal belief about their children getting vaccinated.” “California, like other states, has a mandatory immunization schedule, set as a requirement for children entering school”. “California is also one of 20 states that allows a personal belief exemption, where parents can file notice that they have a personal issue with vaccines and get their kids into schools despite a lack of vaccination”. “The rates of people asking for these exemptions have been slowly climbing, rising from half a percent in 1996 to 1.5 percent in 2007”. “But the statewide rate only tells part of the story, as the cultural factors that influence vaccine to take up may potentially cluster in certain communities”. For example, a measles outbreak occurred in San Diego when an intentionally unvaccinated child picked it up in Europe, and then returned to a school with a high rate of exemptions”.

How often does stuff like this happen? “California health records make it possible to do this sort of analysis, as they include information about the number of exemptions as well as identifying the school the exempted child is attending”. “The authors of the new analysis combine data on measles vaccinations with some useful statistical tools that were first developed to measure racial segregation within a school system”. “These include what’s called the interaction index, which indicates how often a vaccinated student would encounter someone with an exemption, and the aggregation index, which measures how often exempted students will end up in the same school”. This is why children need to be vaccinated because of the health risk it brings to other kids. Homeschooling might be alright but some kids would like to be around others, and they can’t because they weren’t vaccinated to go to school to be around other kids so it is like they are missing out on what school is like.


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