How has the Car Changed America

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How has the Car Changed America? The car has adapted in many significant ways since the car was first invented. The first person that invented the car was Henry Ford. After Henry Ford’s innovation, the middle class could finally afford to own a car. Because a lot of people could afford the car, changes were in introduced to society. The car has changed America because it caused people to build roads, to inspire more business, and to access easier. The car has changed America because it caused people to build roads.

Roads helped Americans get jobs and earn money. The roads that people built also made it easier to go where you want. Back then, before the car was invented, they had harsh, bumpy, and uncomfortable road conditions. Now, people don’t have to face these harsh conditions because of cars and their necessities. The roads were also narrower so if people did own a car, they could not go wherever they want because of the narrow roads.

Now that roads are being built, more individuals could use cars, because of the wider roads. Along with better roads, individuals additionally built a highway system. Building a highway system assisted many Americans. Because they had these jobs, it aided people out of the Great Depression. Building the highway system improved many Americans lives. Not only did it improve the highway system, but also people could use their cars now. With the new, improved roads, people could finally use their cars. The car let individuals get a faster ride.

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With these wider roads, more people could use their car and travel farther places. People could visit their relatives on the other side of the country, with their car. Citizens didn’t need to get a horse and everything prepared for their trip, they could just go anywhere whenever they wanted to, with their car. In addition to building roads and equipment for cars, the car also changed America because to inspire more businesses. Many companies and services were formed for the car. Drive in theaters was built for cars where many families entertained themselves and forgot about bad times.

They would pull up their cars and watch movies with their loved families. Many of these businesses and services attracted a lot of people, making more people buy cars. Multiple people were happier because of drive in theaters and food services, and could get their mind off the war and the harsh news of loved ones dying. One of these services built were gas stations. Because of these gas stations, America could pay off some of the debt. Gas stations helped people get gas whenever they wanted, and go along with their journey. On top of businesses and services, citizens could travel longer and faster. Back then, before cars were invented, people had to be really patient with horses and carriages or use up their own energy to travel. Now that the car is created, people don’t have to use up their own stamina, they can use their car instead.

Families could travel together, in a car, rather then one or two people going on a horse. Old individuals and sick individuals could go on a car to go places, now. If there is an emergency and for an old person, they would be able to go on their car. Before the car was invented, they were not able to do that, they would have to have arrangements made for a horse and carriage, delaying their medical assistance.

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