How Allah Created Mankind

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Some people believe that the whole mankind including this universe was an accident and a multiplication of organisms that it just happened, others say that it came out of nothingness and lastly the Islamic point of view is that it was created by Allah who is the most Supreme Being.

When a person looks around, he can see so many things like mountains in which you dig in, you can find precious metals like copper, iron etc. This shows that it did not come out of nothingness.

Everything you look around is so beautiful and surely has a purpose to fulfill.

The main purpose of mankind’s creation in Quran:

“I have created the jinn and humankind only for My worship.” (Quran 51:56)

Allah isn’t in need of human worship it is the human beings who need Allah’s help. If a single person did not worship Allah it would not affect Allah’s glory in any way, He is perfect, all alone without any needs.

It is the humans who have got needs and therefore need to worship Allah.

A Muslim need to worship Him because once he submits his will to Allah, it is going to be the key to success in this life and in the hereafter too. Allah knows the best for His creation and that is why in Quran there is written everything from what a person needs to do in his whole life on this Earth and how he can be successful in both worlds.

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“Verily, I am God, there is no god beside Me, so worship Me and establish regular prayer for My remembrance.” (Quran 20:14)

A soul can only feel peaceful when remembering Allah and doing zikr. It is in human nature to forget things and once the human forgets the purpose of his or her life, that person forgets his god too and that leads him to do sins slowly but surely the evil thoughts start to occupy the mind and then the heart as Allah has mentioned in the Quran that:

“Satan got the better of them and caused them to forget God. Those are the party of Satan. Truly the party of Satan are the real losers.” (Quran 58:19)

Allah has prohibited the taking of alcohol or anything that makes your senses numb because this makes the human to forget Allah and after that once he gets used to the drugs surely it will ruin his health and effect his loved ones too but in the end he will die a death of a sinner and surely he is a loser because he has gained nothing in this life and hereafter.

In todays world, there is trend where everyone says that you only live once so you need to live your life to the fullest which for them means to do drugs and waste their lives for nothing at all in the end, they have failed. In my opinion, once the people start to forget their purpose and go astray the major consequences will be that people will start to have depression and anxiety; they will become worse than an animal now a days, people kill others very easily without any regrets, hopefulness will vanish ultimately from this world. People will start to wish death upon themselves as suicide will be the only option left for them. People will turn away from Allah and will have no tawakkul (trusting Allah’s plan). They will only fear other humans and worship materialistic things like money and will not fear Allah. People will only care about fulfilling their desires and later on in their lives they will treat the desires as their gods.

Have you seen the one who takes his desires as his god?” (Quran 25:43, 45:23)

They will have lives full of hardships filled with worries, distress and their hearts will lack faith. It is in human nature to worship Allah and once a person denies Allah’s existence, he lives in conflict with himself and with the world around him. Ignorance will occupy his heart and brain and he will wrong others too as he would not care after hurting others.

A human who has gone astray will always be in doubtfulness and will be deprived of true life of a believer. Disappointment and loss will become a part of his life as slowly he will lose his own soul for the worldly things which he has been looking for instead of looking for Allah.

“So We punished each (of them) for his sins, of them were some on whom We sent Haasib (a violent wind with shower of stones) [as on the people of Loot (Lot)], and of them were some who were overtaken by As-Sayhah [torment — awful cry, (as Thamood or Shu‘ayb’s people)], and of them were some whom We caused the earth to swallow [as Qaaroon (Korah)], and of them were some whom We drowned [as the people of Nooh (Noah), or Fir‘awn (Pharaoh) and his people]. It was not Allah Who wronged them, but they wronged themselves” [Al- Ankaboot 29:40]

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