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Hospitality Industry Facilities Management ConceptsLemon Green Paper

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Hospitality Industry Facilities Management Concepts

Lemon Green Resort is using natural as its theme. Our resort focusses on guests who are interest and favorite in approaching the natural environment. The resort is located on a mountain in Cameron Highland. It provides a good view of the surrounding with the strategic location chosen. Our resort target market was based on family travelling, retirement senior citizen, working adult which aim to release stress by enjoying the nature breeze. Approaching in nature helps human to release their stress and peace their mind. The guests can enjoy the beautiful views of mountains, different types of green plants, blue sky as well as cool fresh air breeze at Lemon Green Resort. Our resort chooses to locate at mountain area because can support the point of going Eco green with the environment and helps to solve the pollution problem that earth facing nowadays. It easier to accomplish all the Eco green job on the mountain area as it is far away for the city pollution. The most straight and fastest way to rebuild the quality of air is to reduce the pollution.

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All these wonderful things are given to us by nature. The grace of nature will never be clear, so how can we appreciate it now? Once the nature was so beautiful, the green grass was covered at the whole land, dotted with dark brown earth, like a large oil painting spread throughout the world. Large trees can be seen everywhere. The thick bark is enough to prove the age of this big tree. The tree family rooted on this land and gave birth to new offspring. The nest is everywhere on the tree shrews, and there are even many naughty little squirrels, secretly help the pine cones there! The creek rushed down from the top of the mountain, and there were countless different fish in the clear water, where they jumped and jumped, as if they were free and uncontrollable. Human are looking forward to life like that. At this time, because nature is too much love for people, they decided to fight and hurt their benefactors, no! It is the mother! People broke the ore and broke the sleep of nature. A lot of fishing, so that the cute fish, into the stomach, it sounds very uncomfortable, then who can be? The creek became lonely, because the people’s industrial sewage, the creek became black water. The big tree family was also deeply pulled out. They were reluctant to leave the land. The cruel people actually saw them with a saw. The animals had no home and the grass fell down. Finally, nature is angry. The creatures are angry, they are prepared to retaliate against humans, the ore brings earthquakes, the creeks bring mudslides, the animals begin to attack humans, and as such, the war between nature and humans begins, but it is not worth it, the human actually treating the earth like this. What is the ultimate for people? For your own honor? For your own clothes? Not only nature, but the earth will eventually become an empty shell. Human beings are a bad guy who is ungrateful! The highest state of man and nature is harmony! It’s not enough to rely on me alone. We should be united. We should know how to report, and cherish the love that nature has for us. Only in this way will the world be better!

As we all know, global warming problem getting serious year by year. If the problem getting worst and human are ignoring it, one day our earth will be destroying, and human will never get to stay in earth again. If the situation continuing without being solve, between hundred years all human life will become like the movie of ‘wall-e’ make by Disney studios. The movie is about a rubbish compactors name wall-e grabbing up all the trash of the earth and squeeze it into a bunch of square shape trash. This movie greatly emphasizes the power of green plant. At the movie inside, human survive at a spaceship which can fill up to millions of human and human are relying on robots for the cleaning as well as very simple task such as walking around. They are moving around with sitting on a robot machine and having a small screen in front of their face. They use the screen to communicate with the others. Whatever places they want to go, the machine brings them to. Every simple task of a human was being replace by the robots. They have a big screen at a center which able for the spaceship captain to make announce of the citizen. The captain controls the day and night of the spaceship because the invention of spaceship does not allow the universe light to go through the spaceship. Human inside the spaceship do not exercising around and they are definitely relying everything on the machines and robots. Human there are facing obesity problem. The reason they have to survive at the universe is because earth are full of trash and no human can survive in it as they are no trees and plants anymore. In the movie, wall-e was the only robots remaining in the earth which helps the human to gather all the trash. One day, a robot which helps to detect the present of plant name Eve had been dispatch to the earth. Eve had been scanning around finding for green plants. Searching for green plants was Eve mission. When Eve is scanning around the earth, Eve and Wall-E met together. Wall-E brings Eve to its home to hide from the sand disaster which always occurs in earth. Eve found out the green plant and turn to standby mode. This made Wall-E very worried. A ship later came and collect Eve, Wall-E accidentally clinging inside and follow back to the spaceship. The captain couldn’t believe that there was green plant still alive in the earth. This means that this is their chance to get back to earth. Earth is human mother, no matter where we go we still belong there. This is the new hope of captain to get back to earth. The autopilot of the spaceship does not human back to earth, because they understand if humans are returning earth., they were no hope for them anymore. Human already survive in spaceship for thousands of years. The autopilot started to fight back and destroy Eve, Wall-e and the green plant. Unfortunately, they did not success their plan. With the help of captain, they achieve the mission and place the green plant to activate the hyperjump which can return to the earth. The reason that autopilot interrupt their green plant mission because they believe that earth could not be saved. At the end of the movie, Wall-E lose his memory while combating with the pilots and Eve believe that Wall-E could remember her again one day. The human and robots went back to earth and begin a new life there. There started to plant trees, learn how to catch fish, farming and job that human use to do. This movie lets us understand the importance on green plant and protecting our earth environment. We belong to the earth and it is our job to stay clean of the earth and solve the pollution we human had make for these years. Human must cooperate with each other and knowing the dangerous which global warming and pollution can bring. It is a viral matter for human to concentrate on so that the human can still survive in the earth forever.

Every part of the resort was built by go green concept. The resort houses are built with wood and bricks. The material we use can resistant the cold weather and high humidity at the mountain. Hence, furniture in the resort won’t spoil easily. With these construction materials, it gives off the natural feeling to the clients. It appears in harmony with the surrounding. Every tree we chop down to build up our resort was being replant with a small tree to ensure that the tree will be continue growing and brings the natural air as well as maintaining the earth oxygen level. This helps to optimize the problem of global warming.

Environmentally-friendly furniture refers to those furniture that are based on the ecological industry and that are reasonably developed and made of natural materials to meet the specific needs of users, are beneficial to users’ health, and have a high cultural heritage and scientific content. It contains several layers of meaning: First, the furniture itself is non-polluting and non-toxic; Second, it must have high artistic connotation and aesthetic function, echo with the interior design, create a harmonious and beautiful home office environment; Third, easy to recycle, handle, Reuse, when the furniture is no longer used for processing, it will not pollute the environment. Real green low carbon products must be transported from the production to the whole process is through the concept of environmental protection, including raw materials procurement, production process of the use of energy conservation and low carbon, energy conservation and environmental protection of transportation, use of low carbon energy efficient products, and ways of disposal of disposed products if it’s just a terminal to energy conservation and environmental protection products is not necessarily true green products. Therefore, to identify whether a product is green or not, we should measure it from all aspects.

The characteristic of environmental protection furniture:

1, the auxiliary materials of green environmental protection furniture should be energy saving, pollution-free and easy to recover.

2, the material with green environmental protection furniture is inclined to nature, itself does not contain harmful substances, do not put harmful gas, even if no longer used, also easy to recycle and reuse.

3, the green environmental protection furniture product design conforms to the ergonomic principle, reduces the redundant function, under the normal and the abnormal use condition, will not produce the adverse effect and the injury to the human body.

4, green environmental protection furniture design, production process, as far as possible to extend the product life cycle, make furniture more durable, so as to reduce the energy consumption in reprocessing.

In the use process that buys furniture, the new home that a lot of consumer reaction buys has very big odor, have very big effect to indoor air environment. Lemon Green resort cooperate with Amoni Company, a China company. The AMONI brand was founded in Zheng Zhou, Henan province, in 2011, and it’s the main brand of the Chinese furniture manufacturing limited, one of the largest manufacturers of eco-friendly furniture products in China of the furniture’s in. All the resort are bought from Amoni Company.

Lemon Green Resort used L.E.D light as their light sources. Follow by the information of L.E.D light, it is the electric light which save the most electric. These lights would not use much energy and it is cheap to buy. L.E.D lamps, lightbulbs, bars are being used in different area of Lemon Green Resort. Besides, the low temperature of Lemon Green Resort greatly supports the present of L.E.D light.

However, there’ll be none air-conditional installed in the resort. The resort installs fans only because Cameron Highland’s weather is cold and humid. If guests feel cold, they can choose to lower down the fans speed or ask for more blanket from the housekeeping staff of Lemon Green resort. If guests feel warm, we encourage the guests to speed up the fans or get a walk at the outside area and enjoy the cool air of nature. There will be no reason for guests to feel hot in the mountain area because the temperature up there is always lower than the cities. They will be an exception of guests exercising and having too much fun will make them feel warm, but the cool air of the mountain area will keep them comfort and relax. There is also no Wi-Fi connection service provide for the guests. The guests must use their own data connection if they wish to browse social media. We encourage the guests to view more green plants and spend more time in the nature rather than playing their phone or bringing on with their laptops. We understand that most of the human now are workaholic, even they went for holidays they would still bring their work along. Human nowadays are edict on the smart phone gadget and spending less time with their loves one. It is a pity matter because family are the one who only have blood relationship in between, but they do not talk much. When they are gathering together, they are always playing with their phone. Its look like playing with their phone can automatically solve the communication problem between the kids and the parents. As a fact, it does not, it only making the problem worst.

Guests had to choose whether to walk up or ride on our resort buggy car service to reach Lemon Green Resort. There are no parking spaces provided for vehicles to park at the nearby of our resort. We make this choice to make sure that the air pollution from vehicles do not affect the environment of our resort and prevent of car accident occurs. We do not support our guests to drive between our resort as it will affect the quality of air in the mountain area. Too much of toxic gas releasing from the vehicles may cause acid rain and troubling the soil of mountain area which may cause the accident of mud slides. Mud slides would harm human life and it might even bring lots of trouble to the guests and our resort. Hence, the safest way is to encourage the guests to park their car down the mountain and take our buggy car service to reach our resort. Free parking spaces will be provided for the guests of Lemon Green Resort and they will be staff duty at there to take good care of guest’s vehicles so that the guests will not be worried about it. Our buggy car service picks up guest’s luggage as well. The type of our buggy car using are ecofriendly which means that it is friendly and unharmed to the environment. The buggy car using electric to function as well as been charge by solar system. No petrol will be using in our cars therefore no toxic gas will be release. There will be 3 buggy cars provided by the resort. Although the cost is quite expensive, but the expense still can be covered by resort profit.

Lemon Green Resort are decorated with Zoysia japonica Steud, Florist Kalanchoewan Hibiscus tree, Orchid plant, Penang trees, Lemon grasses at the surrounding. Zoysia Japonica is a type of plant which can also be call as Japanese lawngrass. It is often use at golf course fairways and parks. Its can survive well in cold temperature area. This plant is use for the golf course and some pave way of Lemon Green Resort. It adds some freshment of green colors which give the guests a comfortable view. Florist Kalanchoewan is a very common plant which can be found anywhere in Malaysia. Its beautiful colour truly attract human eyesight to enjoy it. It even helps to make the resort look more colorful. There are some different colour of Hibiscus tree planted around the resort. Hibiscus represent the flower of Malaysia and it is a must to our resort. Its brilliant petals and colouring of the flowers help to bright up the whole resort. Follow up with the orchid plant which been hang up in a small pot at the surrounding of the resort, it helps to bring some fresh and sweet smell to the guestrooms. With mixing with the colours of Florist and Hibiscus, the resort will look beautiful and fantastic. The flowers of the plant can blend into a natural colouring and be used at the gallery of our wall activities. The resort even has Penang Trees at the garden and this tree help to hide our guests under the sun. The Lemon grass will be placed at the guestroom of Lemon Green Resort. Its helps to bring kill bad smell and prevent the growth of bacteria and yeast. Lemongrass also contains substances that can help human to relieve pain and swelling, reduce fever, improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels, stimulate the uterus and menstrual flow, and have antioxidant properties. There’re also fields of strawberries, papayas trees, sweet potatoes, orchid, cactus, corn, and lemongrasses as an attraction of the resort. The customers can also join in the harvest activities if the harvesting season is up.

There will be some entertainment prepared for the guests to enjoy as well. For example, the natural waterfall nearby will be one of the hotspots of the travelers. Swimming pool doesn’t go green at all. It wastes a lot of water and the chemical uses inside the pool to kill the bacteria are harmful to soil and plants. Therefore, we choose a suitable place which has a natural waterfall that can provided the guests a place to enjoy and have fun with the fun. The odor of chlorine which use to kill the bacteria in the swimming pool will bring a bad smell call chloramine. Chloramine might irritate the guest’s eye and skin. Swimming pool also need more careful handling compare from the natural waterfall. The waterfall was being cause by the side of the mountain rock, rain and nature water flowing down the mountain. It is definitely nature and hard to be find under Cameron Highland area. Guests of Lemon Green Resort are lucky to have their day at the pool. The pool was being closed at night time and raining season to ensure the safety of guests. We greatly encourage guests to wear on their swimsuit before getting in the water.

Furthermore, artificial spa, steam room with jacuzzi, and sauna bath will be built as another entertainment for those who enjoy indoors activities. The above activities are used solar system so that no extra electric will be waste. Although the expenses are very costly, but it took time to earn it back and we still can cover it with our profit. The most important is to save the energy of earth.

In addition, the resorts will be renting off bicycles. It eases up the customers to travel from one place to another. There’s a playground can be found nearby which is maintained regularly. The guests can enjoy the resort and mountain view while cycling around. Besides, cycling does not make any pollution towards the earth and it even help to maintain a human lifestyle. It can also shorten the distant of guest’s destination and reach it more quicker. The family member which travel in our resort will have the chance to narrow the gap between them.

Furthermore, the solar system is being used for saving energy. The solar energy will be used to heat up the boiler used for shower purpose and lighting up the road. Other than the solar system, wind system is being used as well. The wind system can be used to produce energy to charge the batteries of the electric buggy cars. The energy which produce from the above system are fully used by Lemon Green Resort without any wastage. The wind system would also become a beautiful scenario for the guests to visit and took photo. These systems wouldn’t affect the quality of air and water or make any pollution towards the earth. It is a very perfect choice to do as long as it can save our earth from dying.

In the lobby, there will be karaoke installed. Customers who enjoy singing can use it freely as they wish. The karaoke service is free for all the guests of Lemon Green Resort. We provide opening area at the lobby and 3 microphones for the guests. As we understand how Malaysian citizen enjoy singing and listening to the music. The Karaoke service was open from 10am till 9pm. Guests do not want to be disturb while there are having their rest time.

A golf course is prepared for the customers as well. The golf course consists of 9 holes. Japanese lawngrass are been used at the golf course because it is enough strong to hold on the pressure of a human without harm. It is easy to mow and take care with. However, the guests have to bring their own golf club and ball to entertain themselves. Golf club and ball can be rented from the resort as fees will be charge according to hours used. This information is been informed on the web page of Lemon Green Resort so that the guests would alert it.

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