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Honors Brit. Lit. Anglo-Saxon Literature (Beowulf) Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Beowulf

Parent topic:

The original occupants of England

Deserted the British Isles because their home was in trouble

language and Christianity
Two elements of their culture were juxtaposed in their literature. They were __________

Wrote the Ecclesiastical History of the English People

Doomsday Book
Most of the remaining literature of this period was preserved in 2 books. Name one:

Who is responsible for translating and recording the literature of this period?

These lines from Beowulf are an example of what?
“‘…I have come so far,/Oh shelterer of warriors and your people’s loved friend,/ That this one favor you should not refuse me…'”

He has intelligence
What does this line from Beowulf mean?
“the monster’s thoughts were as quick as his greed or his claws”

This line from Beowulf is an example of what?
“…Burns like a torch. No one knows its bottom…”

When used to describe Beowulf, the phrase “noble protector of all seamen” is an example of what?

to kill him
What does this phrase mean?
“…trying to open/ A path for his evil soul,…”

Sent a gift to Higd

Thanks Beowulf for coming and saving her sons

Father of Beowulf

Helped save Beowulf’s father from a feud

Author of Beowulf

Name of Beowulf’s sword

Competing with Beowulf as a young man

The Dane jealous of Beowulf

Mead Hall
The Anglo-Saxon society centered around a place called what?

Who was the one man who stayed with Beowulf to fight the dragon?

Herot Hall lain empty for how many years?

loud music
Grendel attacked the Danes every night because of their what?

Esher, Gendel’s claw
Grendel’s mother attacks for revenge and kills who? And removes what?

What is the name of a sword that Unferth lends to Beowulf?

a tomb set on a hill so all seamen will see it when they pass
Beowulf is commemorated in his death by what?

At the lake the ________ gave up on Beowulf and returned to their homes

his grandfather
Higlac gave Beowulf an heirloom from who?

Who provides the fatal wound to the dragon?

Who were the traitors in Beowulf condemned by?

Not given any treasure
The traitors were ____________________ as punishment

Beowulf’s followers
Who deserted Beowulf in the heat of battle?

About the author

The following sample is written by Matthew who studies English Language and Literature at the University of Michigan. All the content of this paper is his own research and point of view on Honors Brit. Lit. Anglo-Saxon Literature (Beowulf) and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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