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Homosexuality Research Paper Topics & Free Essay Examples

Homosexuality as a norm of a society

Both homosexuality and heterosexuality behaviors are common throughout human societies (and in many other species), with all cultures regulating the conditions under which they are allowed. In many of Papua New Guinea’s indigenous societies, for example, males are expected to engage exclusively in homosexual behavior for several years during adolescence (data are generally lacking for…

Homosexuality Laws In Various Muslim Countries Religion

In this article, homosexualism in the Qur’an, Sharia, Islamic Societies, and Islamic Countries is exhaustively described. In the Qur’an, five poetries are provided: They refer to homosexualism as ‘lewdness ‘ , the act of immorality. These poetries oppose the males ‘ penchant of males over females, particularly when Allah has created females to be their…

The Third Gender - Evolutionary explanation for Male Homosexuality

Fag, faggot, fairy, fart knocker, felcher, fruit, fuck face, pansy, pantywaist, pillow biter, poof, poove, pouf, queen, queer, shit-stabber and turd burglar: just some of the culture specific slang words still in use today to address homosexuals and male homosexuality. As cited in Buss (1994) Helena Cronin says, “We are walking archives of ancestral wisdom”…

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Filipino Psychology: on Spirituality, Homosexuality, Psychopathology

On Filipino Psychopathology Psychopathology is said to be the deviation of an individual’s behavior as compared to the norms of the society. It is classified into two—neurosis and psychosis. In a third world country like ours, it is a fact that poor people outnumber the rich ones, that’s why most Filipinos are prone to having…

Taboo Of Homosexuality And Same Sex Marriage

Homosexuality and same sex marriage is one of the serious issue in our society. This essay summarize whether homosexuality and same sex marriage is still considered as a taboo or not. Taboo is any human behaviour that is normal for him/her but may not be for other. Hence, we could recognise taboo only at the…

The issue of homosexuality

Social Issues Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Social Issues Part 1 The social issue that this paper will address will be the controversial issue of homosexuality. Homosexual people are people who have a sexual attraction towards members of the sane gender. Initially, such people did not openly identify themselves. However, this has changed significantly in the…

The discrimination against homosexuality is an ongoing problem in

The discrimination against homosexuality is an ongoing problem in the world. Ministers often preach from the Bible about love and acceptance while many Christians are prejudice and judgemental. The song “Take Me to Church” by Hozier is a powerful song with an equally powerful video that portrays the intolerance that people regularly face due to…

Homosexuality Nature Or Nurture

The sample paper on Homosexuality Nature Or Nurture familiarizes the reader with the topic-related facts, theories, and approaches. Scroll down to read the entire paper. Abstract The quest to achieve ultimate unity has become quite the hot topic in present years. In Ryan D. Johnson’s online research article, Homosexuality: Nature or Nurture, an explanation of…

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