Homework Should Be Extra Credit

Everyday kids will complain about attending their local prison ward, also known as school, and claim that homework is the primary cause for global warming and deforestation. Disregarding the potential adverse environmental aspects, homework is notorious for causing students to experience stress, a lack of balance, and even alienation from society. Yet, homework trains students to acquire basic skills of responsibility, time management, perseverance, and selfresteem. These skills are the foundation for a child’s success into the adult world, However, the process of mastering these skills are a daunting aspect of every student‘s life, especially for high school students.

It is common for students to stay up ‘till dawn just to complete homework. Students are pressed for time at night due to extracurricular activities or even due to a heavier class load. Thus, many students have performed worse in school due to lack of sleep while pulling all-nighters just to finish an assignment.

Homework should be something that kids are rewarded for having, not reprimanded for if missing.

Homework should be optional or considered as extra credit, Homework should be used as a resource for students to improve their experience in a standardized education system. High school students, who are young adults that are responsible for improving their own education and determining their own success, should be given the choice to complete or not complete certain homework tasks. It certain homework tasks are not required to be completed on a daily basis, then it allows students to maintain a sense of balance between academics and after-school activities such as sports, clubs, or even chores.

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On top of that, it is recommended for adolescents to have at least eight to nine hours of sleep each night. In a survey of some juniors at Avon High School, students only receive about four to six hours of sleep.

These students all participate in a sport every season and all agree that having an extra seven hours of work after a seven-hour school day simply adds to their stress. Yes, they did choose to juggle an extracurricular along with academics; but as young adults, they should have the freedom to participate in an after-school activity. Homework often prevents some from missing out on these opportunities because typically the top priority of teens is to maximize time after school to do homework and still receive at least eight hours of sleep. If teachers made some homework optional or extra credit, this would allow students to maintain a balance of in-school and after school demands. Now, I’m not saying that all homework (such as writing an opinion piece or reading an assigned book) should be optional; bttt rather, certain minor tasks, such as completing a trigonometry problem, or a fill-in-the-blank Spanish worksheet could be counted as extra credit. Teachers assign homework as preparation for the next upcoming test because, as the cliche’ goes, “practice makes perfect.”

However, everyone has their own style of learning and homework prohibits some from stttdying in their own effective way because they struggle to complete the assignments. Most students are intelligent enough to do their own preparation of studies and feel that homework has become a burden. Certain assignments should be given as extra credit so that if they are completed, it shows teachers which stttdents are going above and beyond to strive for the best of their abilities. Optional assignments exercise a student’s decision—making skills as well, which can impact future success. Students should be rewarded for having certain tasks completed rather than penalized if they have too little time to complete them, Homework should not be abolished, it should be counted as optional or extra credit.

Students should not be required to complete the workload of another seven—hour school day at home due to teachers not coordinating with one another about assigning homework. Adolescents in high school are young adults who should be given the liberty to make their own choices, especially about homework. Some may have chosen to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in extra—curricular activities, and oftentimes homework prohibits them from doing so. Optional homework also teaches students to improve their decision-making in order to pursue future success. Homework also causes unnecessary pressure for students who are unable to balance both an academic and personal life. Teenagers are already dealing with a mock-work/adult life of seven hours of school, five days a week, The average high school student should not have the same level of anxiety as a psychiatric patient in the 19505 due to being overworked.

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