Holy Blood by Harry Chamberlain Review

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From Munich’s cheerful white-blue sky came a man in a black cassock down! To be precise: brother Wolfgang fell from a window of the church’s Palais at Kardinal-Faulhaber-Strasse. A fallen angel in Munich Boulevard? An unfortunate accident? Or even a murderous act? But who – other than the devil himself, of course – could have motives to kill a man of God

The murder Commissioner to chief investigator Mader takes over?. Abt Notkar is heard. Brother Wolfgang was not only Father, but also administrators host and he takes care of the property of the church.

Currently, he should bring the sale of a shopping arcade in the bag, and it’s about millions. A consortium of Munich and one from Milan submitted their offers. The Italian Mafia their hands in the game? Is the good man was possibly lubricated?

With a “God bless you” seems brother probably not have settled for Wolfgang. The tracks lead investigator soon became a second home of the deceased.

Much as they can not find more, because just before they arrive, the booth flew into the air. The only person on the scene is a woman who hangs around in the bathtub. Only they can not be heard more. Because there’s not much more to see of the once beautiful woman, she was still bathed in acid … Even churchmen are just only men, and so it is no wonder too much that brother Wolfgang probably kept a mistress.

While the suspicion about the bribery scandal hardens more and more, moves another capital crime in the sight of Commissioners: in well-organized trade antiques hawked the church.

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And here brother Wolfgang seems to have dabbled. His breath though breathed, but he has left a lost notebook, is documented in the so much.

In loose-fuzzy jargon, spiced with Bavarian colored dialogues that are easy to understand even for Prussia and other North German Harry chamberlain developed this tricky home thriller that, starting from Munich, leads us into the deep Lower Bavaria, Passau, and even in a casino on the Czech side. It’s entertaining to read and to interrupt at any time since the plot is told in tens mini chapters that are long between a dozen lines and a few pages and carry a headline from a maximum of three words.

half of these appetizers is considered the crime plot, the other devoted eunuch the everyday lives of its protagonists from the team of Munich’s Commissariat in white-blue atmosphere of the city of dreams: Commissioner Zankl is hardly returned home because he is his beloved firstborn, a cry child beyond compare, pressed in the arm, because mother Conny has already prepared their escape. Today she has to Rückbildungsgymnastik … colleague Hummel had an accident and is to re-integrate him slowly, touched even with kid gloves. He is happy to have his Beate and a host of time. That he loves her (Beate), there is no doubt, but how can he know how unique as a lipstick is a man image? Had he guessed the unpredictable consequences, he never applied his message in this way on the mirror … Hotel Am worst but has derwischt’s poor Dosi. It’s a cross with her ex. First they have built in Passau a common home, the relationship fell apart, and now Eric lives favorable for rent and alone in the house while they shell out the cost must … Krumme things the guy has always have been turned, but now he has suddenly disappeared, and Dosi is suspected of having eliminated the pesky parasites …

the simple-hearted puppy eyes on the lovely homely designed cover can not escape – and the wide-awake Hunderl on his stool moves the same deal that the bad blood splatters next to the crucifix on the wall and the still wet shiny trail of blood of the title lettering can not be taken quite so profound. Access to you, if you ask nicely, are amusing and harmless entertained while the unbearably long winter this year, want to forget once and for all.

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Holy Blood by Harry Chamberlain Review
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