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Holt literature vocabulary and questions


Ease and calm.

Brought upon oneself.

Sneakily or stealthily.


Describe the Lantins’ married life.
Proposed to her and married her. She ran his household skillfully economically.

What two tastes of Madame Lantin’s does Monsieur Lantin object to?
Are fake jewelry and theater.

How does the death of his wife affect Monsieur Lantin’s standard of living?
By not being able to afford to live like he was living lifestyle.

People who know Madame Lantin say and “Happy the man who marries her.
Was thought the jewelry was fake but the jewelry was real. I do think she was inheritance from Daddy died.

Monsieur Lantin suffers a conflict about whether to accept the eighteen thousand francs the jeweler.
Unable to understand that the jewelry was not fake. I decide to take the money because he incurred a few debts and ran after money and desperate.

What is ironic about the fact that Monsieur Lantin is unhappy with his second wife?
Wife is very rich taste and extremely bad-tempered. To the meaning of the story because first wife is poor and decent, quiet and gentle.

What particular social problem does “the jewels” reveal?
Maupassant does express about this social problem is how lucky or not lucky people are being rich.

Modest. A.

Dismiss. C.

Avoided. B.

Cautiously. C.

Tiresome. A.

What two tastes of Madame Lantin’s does Monsieur Lantin object to?

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